Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2013 | |

This is My Moment, Brought Live to You

Advertiser: Samsung
Brand: Samsung Galaxy Camera
Creative Agency: Yahoo
Credits: Andrea Samuel (Digital Manager), Chong Yem Meng (Media Planner), Ng Jun Yi (Media Planner), Alexander Wong (Associate Digital Manager)

Samsung created a camera within the Galaxy range that has social sharing functions. This camera would not be competing with traditional camera but rather our task was to launch this new category of ‘connected cameras’, create a consumer need in the market for such a product, and drive business.

The millenials embody the concept of ‘fluid living,’ naturally toggling between everyday activities. By being always-on, they use social networks to provide a window to their everyday lives. They like to capture these everyday moments, create fresh perspectives for these moments, and share their perspectives to their social circles. They filled their social posts, tweets, blogs, and images with simple everyday moments. Millenials live in the moment. To them, life is the moment.

The launch of “This is my moment. Brought live to you” gave the millenials their own space to capture everyday moments and sharing them in real time. We created real-time ads, the content of which were live, real-time moments from our consumers. We first created a crowd sourcing platform on Yahoo! to allow consumers to share their in-the-moment, content. This user generated content was fed as live creatives, hence making our ads live.

Whilst Samsung successfully created the ‘connected cameras’ category, the millenials made the camera social! The crowd-sourcing platform garnered earned media and content valued over MYR750,000. Content was self-sustaining throughout the campaign. 40% of contributors now subscribes to Samsung newsletter. Achievement for Samsung for overachieving targets by 120 index points.