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PETRONAS Goes On Tour with the Chinese

Advertiser: PETRONAS
Creative Agency: Universal Music
Credits: Zenith Malaysia — Chan Yuet Wah (General Manager), Yazmin Lim Abdullah (Associate Planning Director), Toh Chyi Lin (Senior Media Planner), Lim Yew Joe (Media Planner)

The Challenge
PETRONAS had always stronger affinity with the Malays. To grow trials, PETRONAS wanted to connect with the Chinese segment, and grow affinity with them. We had identified the Chinese youth as a viable segment as they are more open minded and adventurous. Question was how to attract the Chinese Youth?

The Solution – Insight & Idea
Music crosses boundaries and connects easily with the young Chinese. Chinese international singers have a strong following base amongst Malaysian Chinese, judging from the high attendance every time their concerts are held here. But we knew that to sponsor a concert requires high investment which we do not have. Radio stations have always collaborated with the music label companies as Official Radio Stations of promo tours for albums launches. And these promo tours are usually quite localized into Chinese centric venues. With that in mind, we took the opportunity to collaborate and partner with both MyFm and UniversalMusic to sponsor the next few popular international Chinese singers to Malaysia for their next promo tours. Perfect fit as MyFm to provide the required media platform to reach the Chinese and UniversalMusic to provide the relevant Chinese artists. As a result, we have promo tours sponsored by PETRONAS going straight into the strong Chinese community locations. This sponsorship provided a strong platform for PETRONAS to connect with the Young Chinese and at the same time, tying back to the brand’s proposition of the “Petrol That Gives You More” for bringing the artists to them.

The Execution
The sponsorship of PETRONAS promo tours with MyFm and UniversalMusic was executed at multiple levels to generate high return on investment.

  1. Four popular international HongKong and Taiwanese singers were brought over to Malaysia by PETRONAS.
  2. This delivered 15 promo tours in Chinese centric venues (eg PenangParagonMall, SungeiWangPlaza and a few Chinese colleges like UTAR) with PETRONAS’s visibility of banners and buntings.
  3.  On ground support whereby special KadMesra counters was set up for fans to register for the PETRONAS KadMesra.
  4.  For “The Fuel That Gives You More”, PETRONAS rewarded their KadMesra members with VIP seats, Meet & Greet, photo opportunities and on stage activities with the artists during the promo tours.
  5.  Press conferences for the mass media people, which provided earned media.
  6.  Negotiated for on air radio contest, whereby listeners are able to win KadMesra loyalty points to convert for fuel.
  7.  PETRONAS’s radio promos were broadcast on MyFm and MelodyFM during the tours, to provide further support.

The Results
As expected, there was high turnout at each event with average of 1000 fans per event. 795 new Chinese KadMesra members were signed up during the tours. And to date, more than 70% of them are still active users. From PETRONAS Facebook, there were 7,619 social likes of these postings. The sponsorship package delivered ROI of 3.1X. PETRONAS considered this as a start of a heartfelt engagement with the Chinese audiences.