Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2014 | |

Tefal Empowering Home of The Chefs

Advertiser: Groupe SEB Malaysia
Brand: Tefal
Creative Agency: Scripps Network Interactive
Credits: Mindshare — Aaron Tan Tze Unn (Senior Executive), Ginny Kwa (Executive), Stephanie Looi(Senior Manager, Client Leadership), Bryan Chiang (Manager), Kristine Ong (Partner, Client Leadership ); Scripps Network Interactive — Janice Ang (Partnership and Campaign Manager); Groupe SEB Malaysia — Lee Boon Min (Marketing Manager)

The Challenge
Tefal is launching a new blender in the market. Their TVC has been disapproved by MIM because of the violence element demonstrating the blender. They don’t have a local website /social platform that limits their brand exposure and engagement with consumer. Competitors like Vees, Panasonic,Pensonic are outspending in the market.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
The fact that with all limits Tefal is facing, their exposure is extremely minimal and most of time absent among their potential consumers. They’re not the top-of- mind with strong presence of their competitors, dominating across platforms with or without their share. Rather than striving for head-to-head competition, we know that in order to elevate Tefal exposure is to partner with a robust and highly recognized network. It was a smart move for Tefal to be associated with a big name within its category, leveraging on its grids and intensifies the brand exposure. 1. We know our target always searches for tips and new recipes for family. Despite their hectic life, they are modern working women that aim for perfect balance between career and family. 2. Consume on multi-screens, they’re digital savvy and socially connected, spending quality time with family at home and shops over weekends. We pitched for an all-inclusive sponsorship with well-established network, Asian Food Channel a.k.a. ‘Home of the Chefs’ as its housed of all leading and renowned celebrity chefs. We’d also engaged with uprising Malaysia celebrity Chef Anis. Across 6 weeks, the collaboration had flourish, upraising Tefal to whole new level of engagement with their consumers.

The Execution
Leveraging on the excitement of Christmas at the end of the year, Chef Anis had created 12 perfect- blended smoothie recipes made easy by using Tefal blender. All recipes were showcased in AFC website to cater to online viewers, while 3 of the recipes were picked and formed into exclusive vignettes produced by AFC. The vignettes were aired on Asian Food Channel on Astro to cater to their channel viewers. Understanding the strong passion on recipes among their fans, AFC had also further extended the vignettes on their Facebook and Google+ page, giving Tefal the opportunity to reach more potential consumers than ever before. The excitement didn’t stop there and was brought to an exclusive ‘Get Together’ event that took placed at Paradigm Mall organized by AFC and hosted by Chef Anis. The event had given Tefal a milestone to further engaged with consumers in real-time. AFC had also created an exclusive Tefal recipe booklet featuring all 12 recipes which were distributed during event for audiences to take home, given a notable value to Tefal.

The Results
Sales volume increased by 72% in December 2013 compared to previous year. Tefal market share had increased by 47% within their segment. The brand managed to connect with audiences on TV, digital and social media. Their very first Facebook entry had garnered 622 likes, 60 shares within 5 short days, captured 350,000 Malaysian eyeballs on Facebook. More than 8 times of media value was achieved from the collaboration.