Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2014 | |

Real Racing 3 With Gillette

Advertiser: Procter & Gamble (M) Sdn Bhd
Brand: Gillette
Creative Agency: BBDO
Credits: MediaCom — Saurabh Chandrashekhar (Associate Director) Vinod Kumar (Associate Director), Ana Rivera (Planner ASEAN), Koh Weng Wai (Director – ASEAN Planning)

The Challenge
Gillette is the market leader in the Razor market but needed to push its superior MACH3 variant. We needed to get Malaysian men to see the value of owning a Gillette Mach 3, a premium razor launched in a market that views razors as basic commodities and nothing more.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
It’s not about selling men a shaver, but creating a desire to own an engineered product. Our target viewed razors as basic commodity but when it comes to their top three interests- Gaming, Racing, and Mobile Tech, they value the same things Gillette offers: Speed, Technology, and Performance. Gillette’s recent investment in Formula 1 provided us with the inspiration we needed. We would find the way to link this unique sporting opportunity with Mach 3 to freshen the brand and accelerate awareness and engagement with Mach 3 products. Gaming ranks within the Top 3 activities that male smartphone users spend time on. More than 70% of smartphone users in Malaysia had ever played games. Thus, to make consumers aware that Gillette’s technology, engineered for performance, provides the “Winning Edge”, we identified the perfect platform in the shape of Real Racing 3, a car racing mobile game. Not only did it reflect the technologically advanced identity of Mach 3 but it had a strong user base that precisely matched our core target audience: 91% were male and the average age was 31. With the in-game integration, advertising is now organic to the game environment and non- disruptive to the gameplay experience.

The Execution
Gillette Real Racing 3 was an immersive and highly interactive mobile gaming platform centered on the thrill of racing and winning that spanned over 12 weeks. Gillette linked its branded elements with the players gameplay experience that emphasized “Performance & Speed”.

  • A Limited Edition Gillette McLaren car was launched for players to use. Those who already owned a McLaren had the option to re-spray their car with Gillette detailing.
  • We also launched two Gillette in- game race challenges. Each competition comprised of four brand new courses, set up with 100% Gillette branding seamlessly integrated around each track.
  • Weekly in-game events promoted our Gillette races and offered discounts on the Gillette McLaren car.
  • Gamers benefitted from more events, additional races and the opportunity to earn in game currency, all the while being exposed to Mach 3 branding.
  • Additional banners and interstitials promotional media were also placed within other games and also on Facebook to promote the Gillette in-game sponsorship
  • TV & Online Commercials featuring Real Racing 3 were aired to amplify the campaign.

The Results
RR 3 mobile in-game integration linked the brand with Speed and Performance in just three months.

  • Unaided awareness increased by 67% and >90% agreed it “Gives a Smooth, Close and Fast Shave”
  • 96% bought MACH3 after playing RR3
  • 81% applied Gillette brand elements on their cars
  • 95% raced on the sponsored tracks and 70% watched the videos completely
  • 87% wanted more Gillette sponsorships in their games (exceeding EA CPG Norms benchmark of 65%)