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PediaSure made meal times more joyous and stress-free for 75,000 parents

Advertiser: Abbott
Brand: PediaSure
Creative Agency: Factori Communications
Credits: Optimedia — YouLi Hooi (Human Experience Strategy Director), Cassey Chow (Planning Director), Gina Lim (Senior Planner); LiquidThread — Asreena Ramdan (Senior Project Executive), Siti Khairuddin (Associate Director – Brand Connections)

The Challenge
Abbott wanted to reach out and educate the young mobile generation of parents a formula milk clinically proven to help kids grow; especially suitable for kids with picky eating habits. means of communication, no longer fulfilled its role of communicating to this audience.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
One of the most stressful and frustrating aspects of parenting is having a picky eater in the house. Between 20% to 50% of kids are described by parents as picky eaters. The obvious symptoms of a picky eater are: they push away the spoon or turn their heads away from the food or spit out food. Hence, meal times are hair-raising events for many young parents. Our intention was to help parents and alleviate stress during meal times, making it a joyful family time – for both the kids and parents. Our inspiration was to give insights to the parents on two things: symptoms of picky eating and PediaSure’s nutritional benefits. We brought our inspiration to life by creating a mobile campaign, “What Picky Eater is Your Child?”

The Execution
This mobile campaign was brought to life by five different characters who depicted five common picky eater profiles to which parents could identify – Greeno Eater (don’t like greens), Procrastinate Eater (food remains in mouth without chewing), Choosy Eater (nitpicks food on the plate), Cheesy Eater (only likes cheese and dairy products) and Distract Eater (easily distracting during meal times). Display ads were used across different online mobile platforms (Facebook, AdMob, AppSnack, Search) directed parents to download the app or visit a mobile site. There they discovered the type of picky eater their kids were and solutions to manage the diet of these specific types of picky eaters. In this app, parents were able to request for samples as well discover the location to the nearest clinic that provided advice on PediaSure, giving them the assurance that help is nearby. We added in music which would attract children and parents when the app was being used. This helped parents to distract their picky eaters during meal times.

The Results
First 2 weeks: Our app trended on Google Play Store as the No. 6 “Top Free Health and Fitness” Next 6 weeks: PediaSure educated and gained 75,000+ leads. 4050 parents installed the apps, while 70,860 parents accessed the mobile site. We overachieved our 40K target by 189%. Dec sales recorded 28% more than average month. More importantly, we helped parents understand their kids a bit more and make their meal times more joyous and stress-free.