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100PLUS Brings You the World’s 1st Private Pocket Trainer

Advertiser: F&N Interflavine Pte Ltd
Brand: 100PLUS
Creative Agency: -
Credits: UNIVERSAL McCANN — Chai Yen Yen (Business Director), Derek Tan Yeong Par (Executive Director), Kim Chew (Associate Director), Amy Yep (Associate Director), Cecilia Wong (Senior Buyer), Elsa Fong (Associate Director), Joey Tan (Senior Planner), Leong Wei Ian (Planner) F&N Interflavine Pte Ltd — Jennifer Lim (Marketing Planning Manager), Patricia Lee (Brand Manager), Michelle Teng (Assistant Brand Manager), Lorraine Tan (Senior Marketing Manager)Jenny Wong (Head-Regional Brand Development), Leong Wai Yin (Marketing Manager)

The Challenge
100PLUS was under pressure like never before, with market shares stagnating and awareness declining due to competitive steroid budgets. Youth craved new experiences and, hence for an old brand, the struggle to stay relevant was apparent. We needed to reinvent 100PLUS whilst embracing the brand premise of “Active Lifestyle.”

The Solution – Insight & Idea
INSIGHT: In Malaysia, being active had become more about earning bragging rights by posting pictures and various updates about the ‘twice a year Gym Trip’ or the ‘once a month run in the park’ rather than actually being active regularly. STRATEGY: We needed something new to entice and encourage consumers to lead an active lifestyle, whilst still giving the bragging bravado which comes with gyms and marathons. With almost 100% penetration of smartphones within our target audience, we decided to launch an exciting and unique platform that allowed consumers to exercise anywhere and anytime propelled with social peer pressure and social bragging. IDEA: The media agency recommended and executed the 100PLUS Private Pocket Trainer, a world’s first, that enabled ‘bite-sized’ exercises to be done at consumers’ convenience. This unique app was designed to be cheat-proof and this made it feel as though an actual trainer was present, pushing them harder. The 100PLUS Move mobile app gave them the same status value as going to an actual gym would have. In return, we gave them social badges which they could share with their friends on social media to increase their social status, all while embracing an active lifestyle.

The Execution
This specially designed mobile app was developed with the unique use of the Gyrometer and Accelerometer. The Gyrometer accurately detects body coordination whilst the Accelerometer detects speed and motion. The platform provided consumers with bite-sized exercise moves which could be done anytime, anywhere and could be downloaded on all smartphones. Kick-starting the brand experience, players registered as 100PLUS Facebook fans. Next, they scanned the 100PLUS logo from cans or bottles, ensuring incremental sales. Once consumers started the app, they had to complete four challenges (Shoulder circles, Squats, Jumping Jack & Tuck Jump). To spice things up and introduce the social sharing aspect, users were awarded cool badges like “Gym Rat”, “Sir Sit Slot”, “Frog Prince” and “Jack & Jill” among others. Players competed for these coveted badges over 12 weeks, to be crowned weekly, monthly and the Grand Prize winners. And when you were idle for some time, users would be reminded to start exercising again! Such was the craze that we had to launch 3 additional levels after 3 weeks of launch.

The Results
The 100PLUS Private Pocket Trainer was a fantastic success, reached 88% of its target audience. Over 31,000 moves were performed in the first two weeks alone. The app downloads, sharing and social interaction generated over 23 million organic impressions. Brand imagery scores soared to 72%, blowing the competition away. Spontaneous brand recall jumped to 95% post campaign. Brand shares rose 7% in a largely stagnating category. Incremental sales equaled over 92 million 100PLUS cans!