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2014 | |

Reigniting the Flame: Nado’s Just Say Lah Campaign

Advertiser: Nando's Chickenland Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Brand: Nando's
Creative Agency: Creative JUICE
Credits: MEC — Lim Kay Chye (Associate Business Director), Janice Chin (Senior Interaction Executive), Tan Choon Liang (Planner); Nando's Chickenland Malaysia Sdn Bhd — Fanny Chai (Regional Marketing Director), Yin Shao Mei (Brand Manager)

The Challenge
Nando’s has consumers gobbling up their responsive marketing efforts, and their quick and quirky communication responses to hot current affairs has contributed to a great lift in brand awareness. But one challenge remained: how could Nando’s grow brand affinity and get consumers hot for their PERi-PERi flame grilled chicken, too?

The Solution – Insight & Idea
To get consumers clucking for Nando’s dining options, we gave them the opportunity to contribute to Nando’s “Just Say Lah” (JSL) campaign. Run across digital platforms as the medium had the highest affinity with Nando’s target audience, JSL engaged consumers by allowing them to voice their opinions on the issues that interested them, whilst involving them in the brand’s core proposition of being bold in expression. Top JSL entries were featured on banners placed across Malaysia’s top websites, and fans’ copywriting efforts gave JSL a personal engagement angle that amplified Nando’s key brand message of ‘Nando’s allows me to be adventurous and express myself’. Through these interactions, audiences were triggered to and invited to experience Nando’s for themselves.

The Execution
For appetizers, we grilled down the right online platforms to drive awareness and participation, focusing on Yahoo!, Twitter, and ad networks. In the campaign’s first two weeks, generic banners with catchy taglines were served across these platforms to drive traffic to our campaign’s microsite, where fans could submit their own taglines. Our second course was Promoted Tweets. We served this “fresh” every week to prevent ad fatigue, and two different tweets were composed each week for optimization purposes; only tweets that had received high engagement would continue to be shown (with a maximum of 2-3 tweets running each time), whilst tweets older than two weeks were paused. Once sufficient entries were received, we selected the most outstanding and featured these on Nando’s online banners. Nando’s fans were thus celebrated by the brand, and those that hadn’t contributed yet, would be encouraged to express themselves, too. We gave the latter a nudge with our retargeting strategy, which reached out to consumers that had been to the JSL website, but had yet to make a submission.

The Results
The JSL campaign saw Nando’s reigniting the flame-lah! • 4,366 posters submissions via • 25% of submissions driven by paid media activities(average conversion rate of 7.27%) • Average conversion rate for user- generated posters on retargeting placements was 6.41% (compared to generic poster banner with 3.33% conversion rate) • Average CTR% is 0.16%, 2x higher than average restaurant industry benchmark(0.08%) •Effective engagement on Twitter (11.84%,industry benchmark is 1- 3%), as well as conversion (15.98%)