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From Fabric Care to Fashion Care: Downy Mystique walks on the runway

Advertiser: Procter & Gamble (M) Sdn Bhd
Brand: Downy
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Mediacom Malaysia — Jox Petiza (Content Strategist), Joyce Pee (Communication Planner), Subryne Lee (Executive, Interactive), Ivan Shim (Implementation Executive); Geometry Global — Hui Ping Loh (Senior Account Executive); Buumerangbrandz Sdn Bhd — Tham Kok Jau (Managing Consultant); PA Recruitment (KL) Sdn Bhd — Lynna Leong (Project Manager); 3 Degrees Sdn. Bhd. — Beverly Yee (Business Development Manager)

The Challenge
Downy’s Parfum Collection is targeted at highly fashionable women who understand that pieces that make them feel special, deserve special treatment. They demand a product that provides the extra care their premium clothing deserve. The Parfum Collection needed differentiation from mass usage variants where Downy is already a main player.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
Our target consumers have a deep love for and are early adopters of fashion, from premium fabrics to exclusive ready-to-wear collections. And because online acquisitions tend to be more exclusive, the digital realm is our fashion girl’s favourite hunting ground. When it comes to fabric care, normal washing products are used for everyday clothes. But when it comes to special or expensive pieces, our ladies demand the best care fabric can get while they themselves take greater care doing laundry. We needed to associate the Downy Parfum Collection with clothes bought from premium online retail sites specializing in high-fashion as we knew the clothes purchased would be treated with extra care. To build brand equity on fashion care, we had to partner with a prominent high-fashion online retailer with an existing face and story. We decided on Fashion Valet and its popular founder cum blogger, Vivy Yusof. Although the online retailer carries coveted local and international brands, fans had been anticipating a debut collection. Hence, Vivy and her team designed the first Fashion Valet for Downy Parfum 12-piece Mystique Collection made up of luxurious pieces with an air of mystery.

The Execution
No other fabric conditioner had partnered with a fashion retailer, let alone an online shopping site. We focused on Downy Parfum’s newest variant: Mystique. The collaboration was amplified mainly through social media and extended content appeared on print and TV across three phases. • Unveil the Mystery – The iconic Downy bottle silhouette was seen everywhere on social media and Fashion Valet. Vivy Yusof created hype amongst fans about the project, with behind-the-scenes snippets of sketches and fabric swatches on her popular blog. • The Mystique Collection -Fashion Valet for Downy Parfum collection unveiled The Mystique Collection on the runway with glamorous black and gold pieces. It was made officially available for sale on Fashion Valet. Every piece sold was accompanied by a sample of New Downy Mystique. During the same period, a TV commercial featuring the collection aired. •From Fabric Care to Fashion Care -Through Vivy and Fashion Valet, we educated consumers on premium care for special pieces via blog posts and PR write-ups.

The Results
Despite this being a barter deal with Fashion Valet, we generated RM100,000 worth of free media and RM260,000 in PR media value. Downy Mystique’s value share increased by 4.3x in just one month. Contest participation hit 5x the target in one week. TV & Magazine support generated ROI of 1:3.9 and 1:2, respectively.