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2014 | |

Samsung Galaxy S4Zoom made it “Havoc” to be different

Advertiser: Samsung Mobile
Brand: Samsung
Creative Agency: Leo Burnett, The Gush Cloud
Credits: Starcom Malaysia — Andrea Samuel (Planning Manager),Chong Yem Meng (Planner); LiquidThread — Siti Khairuddin (Associate Director), Asreena Ramdan (Senior Project Executive)

The Challenge
The new Samsung Galaxy S4Zoom allows users to Talk, Zoom, and Share with a single device. It has the qualities of a phone combined with DSRL camera capabilities. However, it is bulky and awkwardly shaped, thus a task for us to highlight its unique features and deliver a positive perception.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
Being different isn’t easy. More so being unique from other brands and smartphones makes it even harder. However we understand that our target audience, the Millenials, who embody the concept of unique living, are often stereotyped as different and outside. We discovered two things: – Millenials like to snap random images with their smartphones – from polka dot Converse shoes to latte art, and even famous quotes. Millenials find Malaysian’s hip hop star, Joe Flizzow the icon of individuality. And Joe exerts his uniqueness through his music – mostly mashups of original sounds and positive lyrics that makes his audience view life differently. We figured the S4Zoom and Joe Flizzow make a good pair – a good remix. The idea is S4Zoom celebrates individuality by remixing their life, S4Zoom made it “havoc” to be different. This was timed with the new single release of the “Havoc” video by Joe Flizzow.

The Execution
The execution was timed close to the launch of Joe Flizzow’s highly anticipated new single “Havoc”. Joe had released a ‘lyrical’ music video only, on YouTube. This was an opportunity to reach Millennials and to reward them with a limited edition ‘visual’ Havoc music video. A Facebook app, ‘The S4Zoom Havoc’ was developed to celebrate individuality. It called out to our Millenials for the most random, interesting and “havoc” photos. These photos were then used for the new Havoc music video. Traffic drivers ran across digital and social sites promoted the activation, and led users to the Facebook app. We used Google AdWords to target users looking for Joe’s official music video and directed their attention to the ‘S4Zoom Havoc co-creation video’ content. A countdown to the new Havoc video aroused anticipation and excitement – many started conversations, posted hashtags, and even created their own music videos. The S4Zoom became the hero of the new Havoc video.

The Results
The new Havoc video was received well. Attracted 350,421 views on YouTube, Over 70 covers, parodies, remixes of Havoc videos totalling 945,769+ views are captured on YouTube, Joe’s original video was uplifted by 50%, generated positive S4Zoom PR stories valued at MYR248,650, Samsung Malaysia’s Facebook fan increased by 22%, reaching over 8,000,000 people More importantly it allowed Millennials to celebrate the individuality turning “different” to a positive label.