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The “Thank You Sale” gave DiGi’s brand a lift

Advertiser: DiGi Telecommunications
Brand: DiGi Internet
Creative Agency: J Walter Thompson
Credits: Starcom — Joanne Ong (Planning Manager),Sonya Ong (Media Planner), Aditya Rao (Planning Manager)

The Challenge
With the major upgrading of DiGi services in September’13, there was uproar of dissatisfaction from subscribers and fans. Brand preference dropped 6% and Facebook engagement was slipping. Our challenge was to increase internet plans subscriptions via a sale by driving traffic to our e-store despite unhappy fans.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
We understand that to overcome the cynicism with gratitude and humility, we needed to drive high engagement on social space with the sale themed “Thank You, You”. Social media is a space where brands are able to connect with consumers on a personal level and we feel that’s the best way to drive conversations & conversions around the sale. Customization of the right message to the audience is important for them to feel the need for it, hence we decided to do extensive customization and testing that is able to tie to direct response component. The direct response has to focus on selling new devices with data plans to new customers and up-selling to existing DiGi Subscribers.

The Execution
Using Facebook as a major platform, we bespoked targeting using ‘logout ads’ and ‘Target Block’ units to create mass reach and awareness, whilst tailored Page Post links on the Newsfeed focused on Direct Response audience.In action was extensive AB testing with high quality images to test which creative worked best – “different visuals with same copy” vs. “best visual against 2 different copies”. CTR was used as the metric to compare the AB test results. From the test, we could understand which best visuals and copy worked for our audience. Based on DiGi’s main customer age-group, we targeted DiGi Subscribers and non-DiGi Subscribers separately. Conversion pixel tracking was used to measure the leads and sales online. Specific device and interest targeting were used to drive considerations and conversions across controlled and exposed groups. A 46% lift in adoption rate was seen by people exposed to the ads which resulted in driving offline sales giving 62x RoAS (Return on Advertising Spends). Individual device banners figuring hero devices ran across key online platforms increased online store transactions.

The Results
DiGi successfully retain its subscribers while attracting new ones; Mobile Internet users +2% Q-o-Q, +16% Y-o-Y, Reaching 7,000,000+ unique people helped drove 327,000 facebook engagements, Successfully garnered 679,101 clicks to e-store with 13% click on buy now, Target- blocks achieved 3.8% CTR (300% above industry-benchmark), Acquired 31,372 Facebook fans (65% above industry-benchmark growth rate), 11% brand lift among 25+ helped purchase intent lifted +3pts, Delivered a 62x RoAS, Q4’13 DiGi’s Brand-Preference +21% amongst mobile internet users