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Converting Mummy Worries to Milk Sales

Advertiser: Dutch Lady Milk Industries
Brand: Dutch Lady Growing Up Milk
Creative Agency: Leo Burnett
Credits: Universal Mccann — Ramakrishnan CN (Senior Vice President),Chinar Joshi (Director Strategy & Consulting), Goh Soo Mei (Associate Director), Cathryn Pak (Media Manager), Nina Jayatileke (Media Planner), Ullas Sahadevan (Executive Director), Wilson Chin (Associate Director), Mike Hutany (Performance Marketing Specialist), Lee Kah Yun (Performance Marketing Specialist)

The Challenge
In Malaysian families typically once the kid turns 6 years old, Milk consumption reduces to 1/5th of early years, and other perceived cooler food items step into the nutritional gap. Dutch Lady, leading Malaysian dairy brand, faced the challenge of increasing milk consumption among kids, and fostering milk consumption habit.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
Insight: With even 6 year old kids fasting during the holy month of Ramadhan, there was a new source of tension for mothers. They appreciated their child emulating the Prophet, but couldn’t reconcile themselves to the loss of nutritional intake their baby would go through during fasting days. Strategy: The Holy Book, Quran, highlights milk as the ‘Drink of Heavens’, culturally relevant insight allowed us to position Dutch Lady as the nutrition source for kids during the Holy Month. We understood that at this age mother’s influence wanes, and kids get inspired by their favorite celebrities, thus we worked with Malaysian Darling Mia Sara, to become a FIRST EVER fasting companion for kids during the holy month, and launched Dutch Lady’s Unique Ramadan campaign, with 30 unique videos for each day. Idea: These videos had to precisely targeted to mother and kids to Educate, Engage and Entertain them. We showed them in a strategic, Contextual, multiscreen optimal, Ramadhan stage appropriate and Day part bound manner for maximum impact. We decided to use a complex and rigorous video optimization via our RTB platform and make sure the complete story of Mia Sara is told to every mother in our TA.

The Execution
EVERY DAY a new video was released online to coincide with the ‘Sahur’. Contextually placed over kids content and festive songs we ensured that Moms and Kids were watching it together. Through REAL TIME OPTIMIZATION, on an hourly basis, we understood the viewing pattern of moms. We ‘cloned’ the moms who watched it beyond 50%, we then adserved the ‘clone pools’ to continuously improve conversion. With a frequency cap we ensured that those who were not interested do not see it. The audience clone pool was RETARGETED with the next days video with precision to ensure that she doesnt drop off from the story. When a mom who has not seen the earlier videos came into the pool mid way through the campaign, we REMARKETED the earlier videos to her via SEQUENTIAL TARGETING so that she was able to be upto date with the story of Mia Sara. This ensured that they saw cute Mia Sara partner their child throughout the Holy Month, and kids enjoyed the fasting with their favorite child celebrity.

The Results
Campaign reached 93% of Muslim mothers with more than 3.8 million highly targeted UVs and at massive engagement view rate of 34% Viewrate. Our campaigned turned moms worries to sales. 15% incremental sales from first time Dutch Lady Users and 16% sales coming from competitor users. The ‘Drink of Heaven’ Sales volume increased by 8.5%, which is commendable considering 70% of the country was fasting and there was general decline in sales across F&B category.