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2014 | |

First ever ‘frustration targeted’ performance campaign

Advertiser: Telekom Malaysia Berhad
Brand: Hypp TV
Creative Agency: UM
Credits: UM — Jennifer Yean (General Manager), Ullas Sahadevan (Executive Director), Wilson Chin (Associate Director), Jonathan Cheong (Senior Manager), Mike Hutany (Specialist), Lee Kah Yun (Insight & Reporting), Chek Yin Huay (Media Supervisor), Tan Ming Kim (Media Planner), Lim Nian Shan (Assistant Buying Manager), Mohd Shah Rezza (Media Buyer)

The Challenge
HyppTV had acquired the rights for BPL content, but Astro had always maintained its position as the sole provider of content when it came to BPL football matches. The challenge was to shift the audiences from Astro to considering HyppTV as a better alternative for sports content.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
Insight BPL season coincides with peak monsoon season in Malaysia and year after year football fans face the frustration of disrupted broadcasts of their favorite football content on Astro owing to heavy rains. These fans have no choice but to continue following the LIVE matches with a muted experience on their computer/laptop, tablet and mobile whenever there was an Astro rain outage. This presented an opportunity to capture and convert frustration into HyppTV subscribers. Strategy Media Agency proposed a strategy to target ‘rain frustrated’ football fans, with the message of how HyppTV Sports Pack now had BPL content LIVE and it was rainproof. We decided to target the touchpoints where frustrated fans would immediately turn to when a live match was disrupted due to rain. Idea We decided to drill the proposition of ‘rainproof’ football content via HyppTV Sports Pack in the minds of frustrated football fans when it mattered the most. The impact would be highest when the fans had to look for live match information they could no longer get on Astro.

The Execution
The intelligent performance marketing engine identified four audience segments based on digital behavior of football fans. A] ANALYSERS who visited football news websites for a detailed read on their favorite matches. B] LOYALISTS who were interested only in their favorite team and relied on fan group websites for their dose of football C] GURUS who frequented forums to exchange and influence opinions about the latest in football D] TIDBITS who wanted to stay updated with the topline information and depended on Football Mobile Apps for a quick fix. A programmatic campaign was launched targeting these segments across their preferred digital platforms, using contextual RTB to enhance efficiencies. Audience cloning was performed to leverage on ‘look a like’ audiences. Time targeted with BPL match schedules, banners were deployed to capture the ‘frustration due to rain’ which saw an automatic spike in traffic. This helped reinforce the ‘rain proof proposition’ at a time when it mattered most creating desire for Hypp TV. Using remarketing, exclusive online subscription offers were promoted to drive subscriptions and capture intent.

The Results
The campaign generated a reach of 5.3 Million unique audiences. Using this one of a kind ‘frustration’ targeting, we achieved an astounding CTR that was 4x higher than benchmark of the RTB display formats used. Total subscription sales skyrocketed by 937%. The campaign successfully shook up ASTRO’s status quo and had Malaysian BPL Fans converting to HyppTV as their source of entertainment.