Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2014 | |

Wind Chimes in a Bakery: No piece of cake!

Advertiser: Samsung
Brand: Samsung Galaxy S4
Creative Agency: Leo Burnett
Credits: Starcom — Johanizam Johari (Media Planner), Alex Lee (Digital Executive – Performance Media), Alexander Wong (Digital Manager – Performance Media)

The Challenge
Samsung launched its flagship mobile phone “Galaxy S4” as consumers’ Life Companion, and tapped into the prevalent Korean drama (K-drama) craze with a bespoke 8 episodes web-series called “Wind Chimes in a Bakery”. We were tasked with ensuring success by promoting the series to gain audience following, engagement and sharing.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
[YouTube - hardly a pre-heated oven]: We found that K-drama wasn’t YouTube’s strong suit because of low-res uploads, lack of partnerships and slower updates on the latest dramas. However, our audiences turn to YouTube because it has almost all types of content they are looking for – from news to entertainment to DIY (YouTube has 79% of online population visiting daily, 1,000,000,000+ videos watched monthly). [The Opportunity]: A locally baked K-drama now available for the K- drama fans on YouTube. [Optimization]: Our K-drama audience, pre-dominantly younger urban females, believe a balanced diet is a cookie in each hand. They want amazing content and they want to find it while they satisfy their daily need for feeds. To keep interest alive throughout the episodes, we had to ensure two things: [1] reach new viewers; [2] bring back those that had viewed previous episodes. [Consumer experience - baking is a labour of love]: We understand that the most successful media buys are those that drive loyalty on brand’s owned channels, organic views, AND shares, comments plus likes. All of these don’t come from just the media buy itself, rather from a meaningful experience.

The Execution
Ad clusters were created using different combinations of content- genres. We optimized deliveries on a run time basis towards content- genres that were performing best towards the objectives. We targeted females, aged 20-35, interested in Arts & Entertainment with performing arts, celebrities, movies, music and entertainment news as sub-filters. Apart from reaching new viewers, 30% of our budget was set for remarketing. With remarketing, we directed viewers who had seen previous episodes back to Samsung YouTube channel, keeping them engaged at a lower cost per view. A “Wind Chimes in a Bakery” eco- system was created for the audience on Samsung’s YouTube channel using a carousel roll for videos that progressively reveal new episodes weekly. This experience was replicated on mobile, making it seamless across devices of consumption. We took over the YouTube homepage to drive engagement for each episode as a consumer experience support. Images and captions were optimized, and we only kept best performing ones to ensure a high click through rate.

The Results
Wind Chimes took the cake as highest-viewed branded content on YouTube Malaysia with 4,350,000 views (average 544,000 per episode). There were 4,700+ shares, 1686 comments and 4900+ likes while organic views represented a whopping 14.5% of total views (benchmark 5%). Masthead buys scored 19.75% interaction rate (2x industry’s benchmark). This resulted in phenomenal growth for Samsung YouTube channel across subscriptions (186%), daily visitation (576%), time spent (60%) and daily page views (947%).