Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2014 | |

From Smelly to Smiley: Ambi Pur makes Malaysians Breathe Happy

Advertiser: Procter & Gamble (M) Sdn Bhd
Brand: Ambi Pur
Creative Agency: Geometry Global
Credits: Mediacom Malaysia — Jox Petiza (Content Strategist),Ho Mu Huan (Communication Planner), Christine Lim (Executive, Interaction), Leong Jia Chi (Implementation Executive)Ivan Shim (Implementation Executive); Geometry Global — Elaine Wong (Account Manager), Elicia Wee (Account Director); Grey Direct & Interactive Sdn Bhd — Joanne Lee (Associate Account Manager); Mediacom Malaysia — Saurabh Chandrashekhar (Associate Director)

The Challenge
As an odor-eliminator, Ambi Pur is continually mistaken as an air freshener which automatically weakens its USP. We needed to show how Ambi Pur has the power to turn unpleasant bad odor situations into pleasant, happy ones vs. air fresheners that would only disguise them.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
“Potong Stim” is when someone or something, like a bad smell, kills your mood. It’s easy for something to turn a happy mood into a sour one but more often than not, Malaysians tend to wait for someone else to do something to change or fix the situation. This perfectly applied to smelly places. Everyone knows they’re smelly, and nobody likes it. But nobody does anything to seriously change it. Based on this insight, Ambi Pur decided to be the change and turn unpleasant, smelly places into happy, pleasant-smelling ones by eliminating bad odors and not just masking them. The “Smelly to Smiley” movement was created. Ambi Pur searched for the smelliest public spaces via people’s votes and transformed them into smiley spaces. To create maximum awareness and impact for the Smelly to Smiley movement, we engaged social media’s ecosystem to provoke the following levels of consciousness amongst Malaysians: 1) An Awakening and Inspiration – A judgement can be turned into action. If social leaders champion a cause, so can I! 2) A Voice and Co-Leadership – Ambi Pur champions the cause but I have the power to co-lead with my nomination and vote.

The Execution
Phase 1: AWAKENING AND INSPIRATION We engaged Dan Khoo, a famous Malaysian producer of entertaining videos based on everyday life to produce #Potongstim – a video series of smelly to smiley scenarios featuring Ambi Pur as a powerful and effective odor- eliminator. The videos were posted on Dan’s YouTube channel which had 37,000 subscribers and 120,000 regular viewers. Forty-eight bloggers with a collective following of 144,000 crowdsourced the call for blog- buster videos depicting #potongstim situations that Ambi Pur eliminates. These videos made by the public only strengthened Ambi Pur’s odor-elimination superiority while directing action toward the Smelly to Smiley Facebook app. Facebook Display and Social Share reinforced traction and virality of these videos, creating awareness of the movement and generating participation in Phase 2 of the campaign. Phase 2: A VOICE AND CO-LEADERSHIP The Smelly to Smiley movement continued on the Ambi Pur GPS-based interactive Facebook app where nominations and votes were documented, tracked and shared in real-time. This made it easy for anyone to participate and created a feeling of mass-empowerment.

The Results
The #Potongstim series – 533,727 YouTube views vs. average series viewership of 321. 48 crowdsourced videos – 18,000 views vs. average crowdsouring output of 360. Facebook following increased by 32% or 8,104 within the first month. 2,097 nominations within the first month vs. expected 1000 nominations within the entire campaign period. 26,274 votes in 1 month, 5x more than targeted Most of all, Ambi Pur made Malaysians and Malaysia happy!