Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2014 | |

Shiny Furry Tales

Advertiser: Mars
Brand: Pedigree
Creative Agency: Factori Communications
Credits: Starcom MediaVest Group — ShenYee Leong (Digital Executive – Social Media), KuanChuen Tan (Digital Manager – Social Media), YouLi Hooi (Human Experience Strategy Director)

The Challenge
Pedigree developed an improved recipe that is scientifically proven to promote improve dog’s coat to be healthier and shinier, visible in 6 weeks. 46% of dog owners in Malaysia feed their dogs home prepared food. Majority of the owners may not even understand nor believe Pedigree’s proposition.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
Many owners acknowledge that a dull, lacklustre coat on their dogs indicates inadequate nutrition. Obvious indicators include excessive shedding, patchy coat and fur. Dog owners aren’t aware of the types of nutrition their dogs need. After talking to the vets and different types of dog owners, we understand that different dogs have different needs and challenges. Each has their own story to tell. Hence, Pedigree went on a pursuit to educate dog owners with real dog stories. Dog transformation stories – from poor skin and coat, to healthier and shinier coat, were featured. Dog owners wanted to hear real dog stories by real dogs. Not a TV commercial. “Shiny Furry Tales” was created to aggregate real dog stories from dog owners. It aimed to educate dog owners on Pedigree’s new dog food formula on the 5 signs of good health for their fur kids. The hashtag “#shinyfurrytales” were used to aggregate these doggy stories.

The Execution
Within the dog social community, targeted social ads were used to recruit dog owners to sign up their dogs in this 6-week transformation program. Bearing in mind the dog social space is relatively niche, social ads targeting dog owners on Facebook became extra crucial. We had to be very specific to eliminate wastage. We even drilled down to specific geographic locations that are Chinese population skewed. In the first two weeks, over 330 dogs with poor skin conditions were registered. We carefully analysed to further shortlist potential dogs to become the 12 finalists. In 2 weekends, the Pedigree team visited these dogs for further examination. Pedigree also took the opportunity to educate these dog owners on dogs’ nutrition and wellbeing. The 12 finalists went through a 6- week transformation program. These dogs came out as our transformation ‘champions’. Real time weekly progress and content on these dogs were shared on Facebook including dog albums for each finalist. Content was amplified and shared using Facebook paid ads.

The Results
The recruitment campaign oversubscribed 3 fold. After 6 weeks, dog owners reported that their dogs’ coats have improved and they became more active. We saw a 48% increase in Facebook fans. Most importantly, 12 priceless dog stories were captured and repurposed as content on Facebook. #ShinyFurryTales content garnered over 6.2 million impressions with 53,044 clicks. This translated into Pedigree’s page engagement rate increased by 232% from a 2.5% monthly average.