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DiGi Gives License to Cut Queue

Advertiser: DiGi Telecommuncations Sdn Bhd
Brand: DiGi Telco
Creative Agency: Fastbridge
Credits: Fastbridge — Derek Tan Yeong Par (Executive Director), Chew Xian Kim (Associate Director), Ayesha Adam Frances (Team Leader), Jerry Wang Wey Sion (Lead Designer), Cara Ooi (Executive); DiGi — Ramesh Rajandran (Head of eBusiness), Amelia Lee (Head of Mar Comms), Shamin Ezwina Bt Shaharuddin (Executive)

The Challenge
Consumers no longer stick to one telco long term but instead choose telcos based on the best deals available. This change in consumer mindset combined with Apple’s announcement to shorten the usual pre-launch duration to 72 hours required DiGi to adopt unconventional methods for the latest iPhone launch.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
Insight: The desire to be the FIRST had lost its’ appeal in this age of technological advances and convenience. From thousands queuing overnight for the iPhone launch back in 2009, the queue time had reduced to a mere 4 hours in 2013. DiGi had to reignite the desire to be the FIRST to own with DiGi. Malaysians were however avid sharers of latest information on social media. Strategy: Understanding the gap between the brand’s needs and comforts provided by modern technology, DiGi needed to reignite Malaysians’ passion to be first whilst offering Malaysians a unique queuing experience on social. Idea: Leveraging on Malaysians’ “kepohness” to be first to share the latest buzz on social media, DiGi introduced the “License to Cut Queue” to both existing and new DiGi customers through the DiGi #Fastline. DiGi used this opportunity to leverage on the iPhone buzz and become part of the iPhone conversation. Fans were given the opportunity to be the first in Malaysia to own the latest iPhone by sharing latest DiGi iPhone buzz with their friends and family, to make their way to the front of the DiGi #Fastline to be the first in Malaysia to own the latest iPhone.

The Execution
72 hours before the iPhone release, DiGi #Fastline was launched on DiGi’s Facebook page. Fans were required to register their interest to own the new iPhone and share content to get ahead of the race. The queue was made up of DiGi avatars paired with participants’ Facebook profile pictures. The more fans shared the iPhone buzz with their friends and families via Facebook and Twitter, the further ahead of the queue they moved, closer to their dream iPhone. The faces in queue were constantly changing as fans diligently “cut queue” through sharing. Fans could indulge in the fun of “queuing” whilst interacting with other iPhone users like the good old days, but this time from the comforts of their homes. The DiGi #Fastline closed within 48 hours and the top 250 fans in queue were awarded the official “cut queue” license for the iPhone launch. At midnight of launch day, selected DiGi stores opened its doors to allow top #Fastline fans to beat the queue and be the first Malaysians to own the prestigious iPhone.

The Results
DiGi surpassed long time competitors with more than 2.3 Million impressions, creating the Most Buzz amongst all Malaysian telcos within the stipulated 72 hours determined by Apple. DiGi #Fastline contributed to DiGi’s Q4 earnings which jumped by 123.4% whilst revenue climbed 6.4%. DiGi successfully re-engaged customers who had fallen off the bandwagon to queue for the latest iPhone by leveraging on Malaysian’s passion for social media and the convenience of latest technology.