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2014 | |

Fiesta Movement: A Social-Focused Build up to the Malaysian Launch

Advertiser: Sime Darby Auto Connexion
Brand: Ford
Creative Agency: JWT Malaysia
Credits: Mindshare — Joe Ng (Senior Executive), Bryan Chiang (Manager), Elaine Lee (Manager), Stephanie Looi (Senior Manager, Client Leadership), Koh Yee Ling (Director, Client Leadership), Kristine Ong (Partner, Client Leadership)

The Challenge
Ford lost its market share and its Top 10 position within the automotive industry by the end of 2012. They have been slow in gaining traction amongst the younger segment. 2013 target was aggressive! Double sales, reclaim top 10 sales position and erase “Ford is my father’s car” perception completely.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
“You can sell a young man’s car to an old man, but you cannot sell an old man’s car to a young man”. We discovered an untapped opportunity in the lucrative youth segment. The Millennial are fixated with owning a car at a young age. It is a reflection of their image and status. They are thrill seekers and average conventional experience does not appeal to them. They rely heavily on peer recommendation and key opinion leaders. 80% of Millennial are more likely to follow brand that provides brand experience and engagement activities. This age group has become accustomed to user generated content and controls the marketing messages they are exposed to. They want to be included, experience their moment in the spotlight and showcase their talents thus providing them with ego boost. Their connector to all this is online and everything happens in their social space. We needed a surprise and delight strategy. The idea was to create a Millennial social agent program aimed at creating future Fiesta ambassadors. To do this, we recruited five mentors who are opinion leaders that personify Fiesta’s drivers ie Tech Geek, Action Addict, Fashionista, Car Freak and Social Maestro.

The Execution
We introduced an innovative social media campaign to search for future Fiesta ambassadors/agents. “Join the Fiesta Movement”. The big catch: These future agents will be featured in Ford Fiesta’s launch campaign. The “Mentor Agents” Jason Goh #TechGeek, Fay Hokulani #ActionAddict, Chuckei #Fashionista, Harvinder Singh #CarFreak and Jinnyboy #SocialMaestro placed a call put in their social connectors Facebook and Instagram to search for their protégé. We worked with the Agents to design mission for these protégés wannabes. All they had to do was to take picture and upload their photos performing the mission with Fiesta. All missions are hashtagged to their respective Agents. The respective Agents will select their protégés based on the innovative hashtagged submission. The entire assignment was done within social space. These protégés and their mentors will then be featured in Fiesta launch campaign and for these future agents, it was an opportunity of a lifetime and Ford Fiesta overnight drove the social media engagement to new heights.

The Results
The “Join the All-New Fiesta Movement” made waves on the Fiesta Malaysia Facebook page, increasing the number of fans by 367% with approximately 60,000 additional fans. Over 4,405 protégés recruited, tripling our KPI target. Top 10 position regained! Sales grew by 2.3X vs previous year. Ford broke the 10,000 unit sales for the first time! Approximately RM4.5millon of media value on digital platform accrued for Fiesta movement.