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2014 | |

Baby Dream Catcher!

Advertiser: Johnson & Johnson
Brand: Johnson’s baby
Creative Agency: Marvelous
Credits: Universal Mccann — Adam Yeoh (Digital Ethnographer),Julia Anne George (Senior Social Media Specialist),John Woo (Assistant Manager, Content Services),Velda Kon (Associate Director), Abhishek (Associate Director),Choong Meng Hui (Media Planner),Chinar Joshi (Director, Strategy & Consulting), Ramakrishnan C.N. (Senior Vice President)

The Challenge
Johnsons Baby enjoys high awareness, but with competitors flooding the market the connection with the audience needed to be fortified. The brand needed to become an integral part of the daytime and bedtime regimes and own the mom & baby space, by being the preferred baby care partner.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
Insight: A mother’s life revolves around her little bundle of joy. There is a lot of communication that goes on between a baby and her mother, but in their unique language made of cries, gurgling noises, smiles, and eye movements. Only a mother can understand the slight difference in a baby’s cry and know exactly what she needs. She takes pride in every little accomplishment, and they exchange mutual love, even though baby can’t really express verbally. Strategy: Media Agency recommended owning the mind space of both moms and babies literally. Even though a mother understands her baby’s movement, she doesn’t understand her darling’s dreams. She wants to understand the magical world her baby enters when she closes her eyes, this desire is a reflection of her ambitions for the baby. Media Agency recommended giving words and the power of expression to a Baby’s dream, and turning those half remembered moments into stories which moms and babies can cherish forever. Idea: Media Agency proposed a unique “Baby Dream Catcher” platform, a platform which allowed mothers to re-imagine their baby’s dream and create wonderful memories out of it. Thus Johnsons Baby became an integral part of Mom & Baby’s bedtime routine.

The Execution
“Baby Dream Catcher” platform was hubbed out Facebook, and leveraged on our tremendous fanbase. We highlighted Johnsons Baby’s bedtime regime, a 3 step process which is scientifically proven to help babies sleep better. We subtly drove the unparalleled efficacy of Johnsons Baby products in a baby’s bedtime ritual. We then invited mothers to share with us what their little ones dream of, when they boarded the dreamland express with closed eyes, and open heart. The platform allowed mothers to re-imagine what their babies dream of, and they shared pictures of their sleeping angel. We then created a beautiful image with the baby at the center, and asked mothers to share what they thought their baby was dreaming about. Mothers shared their own interpretation and feelings as to what they would want their babies to dream of. It was an expression of her latent desires with regards to her baby. They could then share their baby’s re-imagined dream with everyone. Johnsons Baby thus owned the mom baby bonding moments, by decoding the secret mom-baby language.

The Results
The campaign garnered more than 5.1 Million organic impressions. Johnsons Baby’s Facebook community grew by astounding 23%, generating unprecedent brand chatter and participation. More than 3,673 dreams and interpretations were shared within a matter of days. Moms displayed their emotions and the campaign garnered 27,354 likes. With brand shares increase by 4%, Johnsons Baby reinforced itself as a mom baby confidant.