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2014 | |

Hungry fans consumed 79,974 Snickers in 8 weeks

Advertiser: MARS
Brand: Snickers
Creative Agency: Factori Communications
Credits: Starcom Stephanie — Foong (Planning Director), Dominic Gan (Media Planner); Starcom MediaVest Group — ShenYee Leong (Digital Executive – Social Media), YouLi Hooi (Human Experience Strategy Director)

The Challenge
SNICKERS launched its new hunger proposition “You’re not you when you’re hungry” with a new character – a weak female goalkeeper (LínDàiYu). Her presence on non-TV media has yet to be maximized. Our challenge: popularize her, get people to eat and push SNICKERS to be a Top 5 chocolate brand.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
Malaysians love their football. But they don’t know LínDàiYu, a character from a classical Chinese fiction novel. This character who was very ladylike, plays a weak goalkeeper. Her sentimental and perpetual weak qualities reminds us of our behaviour whenever we are hungry. When we are weak, we complain, and are out of character. In order to get LínDàiyu social, Facebook fans needed to start daily conversations about her and why she was so emotional. We started infiltrating Facebook with various posts of LínDàiyu being emotional and complaining about her day. The idea: Don’t need to be LínDàiyu, grab a SNICKERS. In order to further get the attention of fans, “Hungry for SNICKERS”, an online contest on Facebook was created.

The Execution
First we had to popularize LínDàiyu on social media. Facebook became the main platform to communicate her day-to-day activities to SNICKERS fans. This included rounding up audience to an online contest, posting a Facebook status whenever she was hungry, was mopping or playing football badly. The online contest was made to be simple. “Hungry for SNICKERS” drove fans to purchase SNICKERS bars. Each SNICKERS bar was tagged with a unique code that allowed fans to participate in the contest. The more bars our audience consumed, the higher their chances of winning were. In 3 simple steps, hungry SNICKERS fans could get a chance to win new smartphones. This campaign was supported by TV, newspaper, programmatic buys and social ads.

The Results
“Hungry for SNICKERS” satisfied hungry fans. It reached 4,000,000+ people on Facebook; garnered 26,658 contest entries; Facebook fans increased by 132%; Engagement were at 27% from a monthly 1.6% average; 79,974 Snickers bars were consumed! More importantly, audience recognized SNICKERS satisfies hunger. Brand awareness increased from 92% to 96%. (Source: Ipsos, Brand Health Tracking 2012/13) SNICKERS scored and secured the Top 5 chocolate brands position by end of 2013.(Source: ACNielsen, Chocolate Category Retail Audit 2013)