Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2013 | |

AirAsia Interstitials

Advertiser: AirAsia Berhad
Brand: AirAsia
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Carat — Darren Yuen (General Manager), Michelle Wee (Planning Director), Sunetraling Ariapala (Planner)

We needed to continue positioning AirAsia as the airline of choice by targeting the 2.4 million white- collar workers who have the need for travel.Although time-pressured, these individuals always seek information on new destinations whenever possible. Simultaneously, we needed to drive new and repeat visits to create higher passenger loads. 

What are great fares without great experiences? Insights show consumers prioritize 3 things: sights, things to do and food. Thus, AirAsia created destination content for these using the slogan ‘Must See, Must Do and Must Eat”. AirAsia positions itself as the expert in providing the best guide for each destination. The time pressures and short attention span of audience were bypassed using brief interstitials –‘Must See, Must Do and Must Eat’; entertaining, short and sweet. 

23 interstitials (2 minutes) providing quick tips on ‘Must See, Must Do and Must Eat’ were spread across 13 Astro channels (quality reach) over 5 months. Placements in relevant and high affinity programs to ensure message breakthrough and effectively drive responses Featured key Asian destinations with generic and ‘beyond the norm’ attractions to entice both new and re-visits. Strategic branding placements to reinforce the mindset that AirAsia is the expert in providing great travel insights. 

Passenger load increase to key destinations was 40% YOY with Taipei registering the highest with a 115%! ROI garnered was 4X from media in comparison to the tradition ROI of 2X. YouTube views hit 35,000 and as result, a second round of the campaign was confirmed for 2013.