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A Social Passion Movement by Our Ministry of Passion

Advertiser: F&N Interflavine Pte Ltd
Brand: F&N SEASONS Tea
Creative Agency: -
Credits: UNIVERSAL McCANN — Chai Yen Yen (Business Director), Elsa Fong (Associate Director), Cecilia Wong (Senior Buyer) , Jennifer Soo (Senior Planner), Eunice Lian(Planner), Derek Tan (Executive Director), Kim Chew (Associate Director), Jenny Wong (Head-Regional Brand Development), Lorraine Tan(Senior Marketing Manage)r, Karen Poi (Marketing Manager), Selena Tan (Brand Manager)

The Challenge
F&N SEASONS Green Tea was planning to launch its latest variant – Passion Fruit. The challenge was to create buzz surrounding the launch. Announcing new news was insufficient, we needed to connect and engage with young adults for this new variant to shine amidst tea choices available currently.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
INSIGHTS: Research indicates that Malaysian youth are a passionate bunch, but many don’t pursue their dreams. What’s holding them back ranges from fear of failure to simply not having the means and know-how. STRATEGY: We needed our target audience to take notice and engage with the brand. We had to creatively build an emotional connection. Hence, the strategy was to create a platform to gather potential and current tea drinkers and connect with them deep down, where their passion lies – Food, Music and Fashion. Ultimately, it was to encourage them to take the leap by reigniting their fire and inspire them to pursue their passions. IDEA: In the hands of the media agency, we launched SEASONS Tea Ministry of Passion social platform. A platform built by partnering with HitzFM radio station, where we leveraged top social influence of DJs to connect with consumers. They were our Deans of Passion – Jin was the Food Dean, Ean was the Music Dean and Denise was the Fashion Dean. Consumers were encouraged to share their passions with us and the winners were selected from the passion bucket that had the most support.

The Execution
For five weeks, we seeded and created conversations about Food, Music and Fashion around our Facebook hub. We had Jin, Ean and Denise posting on SEASON’s Facebook and their own Facebook pages on how they came about realizing their passions – Ean shared how he picked-up the guitar at 12 years old to charm the ladies whilst Jin shared that he started cooking when he studied abroad. Taking consumers on their passion journeys, we got the DJs to engage in friendly competition, where they solicited support from followers for their passion that they represented. Constant poll updates further fueled the competition. Enhancing engagement, live chats were held on SEASON’s Tea Facebook where our fans chatted with their favourite DJs about their passions, getting crucial advice on how to develop their interests. Finally, the Food Ministry won and Food Passionistas together with their friends were enjoyed a wonderful cooking experience with DJ Jin and a certified chef at a culinary school. The entire experience was shared with our Facebook fans and on Hitz’s Youtube channel.

The Results
By the end of the campaign, we inspired over 1 million Malaysian youth to pursue their passions with 395,000 organic reach alone. We sparked over 50,000 chatter and engagement on social. Within three weeks, Facebook fan base grew by 20% and people talking about this was 40 times higher than our average performance. The campaign drove volume shares up by 7.2%, a clear indication that the campaign successfully ignited the passion within the young adults.