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Mister Potato Turned The Prize Into A Medium

Advertiser: Mamee Double Decker (M) Bhd
Brand: Mister Potato
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Mamee Double Decker (M) Bhd — Pierre Pang (Deputy GM- Group Sales & Marketing), Cheryl Yong (Senior Brand Manager (Marketing)),Hester Hew (Manager (Marketing)),Choo Kah Wei (Brand Executive), How Yuan Yi (Client Services Director),Mandy Liew (Media Manager), Vincent Loong (Media Manager), Queenie Phang (Media Buyer)

The Challenge
Every year MisterPotato runs a major consumer promotion. This year the prize is an exclusive Manchester United pimped up Chevrolet car. Consumers are bombarded and spoilt for choice. With so many promotions, the challenge was at point of sale, to stand out of the clutter.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
Research tells us that supermarket shoppers make up their minds about brands within seven seconds. This First Moment of Truth as it is called, is normally where brands pitch and fight, causing the clutter and confusion that we face when visiting supermarkets. We had to find a smarter way to grab shopper’s attention. Hence our strategy was to create the Zero Moment of Truth as competition for the First Moment would erode our very limited funds. Many supermarkets are entered via the car park. This gave us the opportunity to place the Manchester United pimped up car right smack into our shopper’s literal path to purchase. If that wasn’t enough, we gave the car a voice! The Talking Car is the carrier of the contest message, the medium and prize all rolled into one.

The Execution
The Talking Car, equipped with speakers and state-of-the-art motion sensors, spoke to shoppers who walked pass the car. Unsuspecting shoppers were taken aback. With intelligent sensors, the car can even recognize and speak to a Male shopper in a Female voice and vice versa. With gender specific targeting capabilities, when the car spoke in a Female voice to a Male shopper, she spoke of driving pleasure. For a Female shopper, the Talking Car reminded them to participate in the contest and thrill of winning. The car spoke four different messages. Three exclusive Manchester United talking car made its appearance in Tesco Supermarkets across the country. To keep the surprise element fresh, the cars made their rounds, staying no longer than a day at high traffic supermarkets.

The Results
We found shopper’s Zero Moment of Truth and claimed it. The Talking Car stopped shoppers in their tracks. Achieved very high campaign ROI when we received 150,134 entries at the end of the 3 months consumer promotion at a cost of only RM3,500 to convert the car to a talking car. Zero rental or parking fee across all Tesco locations. Sales recorded an average increase of 12% during this period.