Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2014 | |

988 Going The Extra Mile by Pimping My Ride

Advertiser: Rimakmur Sdn Bhd
Brand: 988
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Rimakmur Sdn Bhd — Woo Bee Ay (Marketing Manager), Edmund Lai (Assistant Marketing Manager); Vizeum Media Services (M) Sdn Bhd — How Yuan Yi (Client Services Director), Mandy Liew (Media Manager), Queenie Phang (Senior Media Buyer), Vincent Loong (Assistant Media Manager)

The Challenge
We are at war. We are fighting hard to win and keep share of hearts. Our last bastion is in the state of Penang. You see, we have a special relationship with them. But now, the younger and stronger is trying to woo them over with fancy campaigns.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
As told by the consumer (Penang- kia) and the brand (988). >>Penang-kia, affection term for a person from Penang : I am a Penang- kia. Penang is a place I partake in the many familiar festivities. Find solace in the best local delicacies. Where camaraderie between friends is strongest when we exchange stories in the Hokkien language. And yes, I take secret delight in the unmistakable jealous gleam of my fellow Penang-kia when I found a better deal than him. Like a fly to salted fish, Penang is my salted fish. Its culture and tradition is deeply rooted in me. There are many unmistakable icons of Penang. Growing up, I always envied the people riding on trishaws. While I trudged along dusty pavements, trishaws whisked pass with the passengers looking smug and contented. Everyone wanted to ride on these ‘mean’ vehicles. >>>988.FM : To truly be a part of a society, we can celebrate their icons. Trishaw is a Penang icon. By bringing life back to tired looking trishaws, we brought renewed energy back to Penang. Newly minted 988 Red BECA became our media vehicle and spokesperson in one.

The Execution
>>>988FM : On 11th April 2013, we rewrote our history with 988 Red BECA blitz. By going on-ground and tying up with the Penang trishaw association, 50 trishaws were transformed, redressed in striking red paint and fitted with brand new speakers which were fixed on 988’s Penang frequency. Old rickshaw drivers a.k.a Uncle BECA donned our t-shirts and caps with much glee as they blazed through the streets with renewed vigour. The 50 trishaws around the historical Georgetown area literally stopped traffic. You could not tune out from 98.8FM as it demanded attention and entertained Penang-kias everywhere it went. 988 Red BECA became an overnight sensation. >>Penang-kia : It is such a nice sight and sound. My Penang trishaws are looking and sounding good with 988. Passenger’s smirks have turned to full set of pearly whites on display. I am really enjoying the sight and sound.

The Results
For 4 months, all over Georgetown, there were over 90,000 happy 988 Red BECA passengers. With over 108,000 hours on the road, more than 540,000 people saw and heard 98.8FM. We found a way back into their hearts the old fashioned way and spent only RM65,000 doing it. Penang-kias made us No.1 again in Penang. 988 Red BECA even appeared in a Hong Kong TVB drama!