Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2014 | |

Unique Launch a ‘Peel’

Advertiser: Johnson&Johnson
Brand: Johnson's Body Care
Creative Agency: BBDO
Credits: Universal Mccann — Hor Jian Tsin (Head of Outdoor), Vindy Wong (Account Executive), Michelle Lim (Senior Buyer), Velda Kon (Associate Director), Adam Yeoh (Digital Ethnographer),Julia Anne George (Senior Social Media Specialist), Choong Meng Hui (Media Planner), Chinar Joshi (Director, Strategy & Consultant),Ramakrishnan C.N. (Senior Vice President)

The Challenge
With Malaysian woman’s fascination for fair skin, the beauty and skin care category was highly competitive and cluttered. Amidst the din of several players with new News every year and RM 740 Million spent annually, our challenge with limited budgets was to make Johnson’s OxyFresh launch distinct & buzzworthy.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
Insight: We knew that at the base level women would love it if they could have a spa like treatment everyday, for their skin, inclusive of face masks etc. However, as it was not feasible they sought alternate options for their everyday use. We also understood that OxyFresh’s unique gel based formula, re-hydrated skin, and leaves one with a feeling akin to that of “Peeling Off A Face Mask”. Also Women are happy if their skins feel refreshed and re-hydrated, but a discount voucher makes them even happier. Strategy: Limited budgets forced us to completely re-imagine a beauty product launch. Closing the loop of awareness, brand engagement and trial in one smooth move. An idea was needed to select a media and mechanics which could do all this in a short time. Idea: The ubiquitous OOH wall at the KLCC tunnel walkway emerged as the medium of choice with right target and imagery fit , with 240,000 women using it during any given day. We decided to surprise them with an interactive non- digital OOH experience like no other to make them experience the happiness after peeling off the mask.

The Execution
All the women were teased with a question on the wall “what do Malaysian women love?” and one of the most loved star, Scha Alyahya, invited them to find out the answer themselves. On closer look, imagine their surprise, when they realized that the wall was covered with thousands of small stickers which could be peeled off and we didn’t stop there. Each of the stickers was a special voucher which could be redeemed at the close by store for their very own OxyFresh pack! Now you can imagine how the enthused and curious women would have peeled off vouchers, it was quick even though they only took one each. Each voucher peeled revealed a new message behind the massive wall. With many thousands turning happy in a short time the message was revealed. “9/10 Malaysian Women Loved the Refreshing and Re-hydrating effects of OxyFresh”. The same effect was replicated on Facebook too. Receiving tremendous response and huge buzz around the activity.

The Results
The campaign message reached 1.3 Million women, and was an instant success with intrigued women peeling off more than 6000 vouchers within a couple of hours. 28% vouchers were redeemed 5.2x times the industry benchmark for redemption. Sales increased by 26% during the campaign period, and JBC got the highest market share of 9.9 beating previous high by a wide margin.