Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2014 | |

Coke shares teens’ #sharemycokelah photos on-air

Advertiser: Coca-Cola Far East Limited
Brand: Coca-Cola
Creative Agency: Geometry Global
Credits: MediaCom Malaysia — Chan Wan Lih (Business Director), Moo Kok Way (Communication Planner), Noelle Wong (Communication Manager); Kinetic Worldwide — Cheng Yee Yin (Account Manager), Vikram Annathakrishnan (Account Executive)

The Challenge
Coca-Cola was losing its appeal amongst youths who are moving away, towards a perceived healthier option –100Plus. To win them back, Coca-Cola had to rebuild relevance by driving key Coke intrinsic benefit of uplifting refreshment, and subsequently grow brand love among Malaysian youths in a way that only Coca-Cola can.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
Youths are energized by trendy, new, fun things they consider “cool”. Shareable fresh ideas and experiences are their most important social currency as it’s increasingly easier to communicate within various social groups. The challenge was to find a way to connect a 127 year-old brand with the ultra-modern youths. We needed an idea that would generate hype, excitement, and market disruption while still being relevant and relatable. And we would do it by using one of Coca-Cola’s oldest owned asset – cans. The idea was to develop limited edition cans that embodied the spirit of today’s tech-savvy youth and gave them a way to share it socially with their friends easily. We created the “Manglish Cans”. The iconic Coca-Cola logos on cans were replaced with seven collectible hashtag designs sporting common “Malaysian English” youth lingo. They were divided into words that cued Coca-Cola intrinsics, like #syoknya and #bestgiler, and trendy expressions spoken daily, like #fuyoh and #terrernya. The #sharemycokelah movement was created for youths to snap and share their experiences and interactions with these cans. It also became the hub for conversations about the campaign, and encouraged more youths to participate in it by picking up their very own hashtag cans.

The Execution
To engage youths, #sharemycokelah needed to be social at heart to drive interaction and conversation. Mass media TV, press, and on-ground events steered them to take pictures with the cans, hashtag it according to the name on the cans including #sharemycokelah. To supplement mass media for greater awareness, we sought to create a unique outdoor execution to drive even more conversations. We turned user-generated online content into out of home advertisements by projecting youths’ hashtag-ed snapshots on large Powerscreen digital screens nationwide. Consumers were pleasantly surprised to find themselves projected on large outdoor screens. These projections were rotated twice weekly, giving each post sufficient exposure on the screens. Through this 45seconds of fame, gave youths a new, exciting experience – in a way only Coca- Cola can.

The Results
The cans generated massive hype and conversations on social media, resulting in more than 9,000+ user- generated content and almost 500,000 ‘likes’ on those posts. All tagged pictures were projected on out of home digital screens across eight locations nationwide, reaching nearly 2million youths. The activation was covered by the media, earning RM3.9million in productivity value. The interactive outdoor media presence helped drive immediate action, and those incremental purchases grew Coca- Cola volumes +7.9%!