Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2014 | |

Microsoft Surface converts Techies Over a Coffee@Starbucks

Advertiser: Microsoft
Brand: Surface
Creative Agency: Universal Mc Cann
Credits: Microsoft — Geraldine Wong (CMO Lead Malaysia),Yap Imm Ai (Integrated Marketing Communications Manager),Wo Ai Mee (Channel Marketing Manager); Universal Mc Cann — Jane Chong (Business Director), Alex Yeo (Senior Planner), Pollyanna George Joseph (Project Manager, Brand Content), Jasmine Chan (Finance Executive),Chow Lee Kheng (Senior Buyer & Implementation)

The Challenge
Microsoft’s Tablet PC “Surface” was deemed a confused product with lack of credibility and low consideration amongst gadget enthusiasts. Sales movements were slow due to low demand. Surface needed to breakthrough the mindset of phablet and tablets users, convincing them to be equipped with Surface and complete their digital life.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
INSIGHT : Coffee joints are big social influencers. It potrays an environment where people need to be seen as self-equipped and symbol of gadget acceptance. There are two types of people who frequent coffee chains, Solo Techies who sit alone and display their gadgets feeling accomplished and Trend Techies people who are naive enough to get influenced by them. Apple was the biggest beneficiary of this trend. STRATEGY: Convert and divert these techies towards Surface by subtly introducing Surface into their environment and make them see it as a ‘must-have’ tech gadget this season. IDEA : Strike a first ever partnership with the largest coffee chain with over 200 outlets in Malaysia and a symbol of coolness, Starbucks. Media agency recommended and executed a physical engagement with consumers by creating a bespoke activation called ‘A Date with Surface’ at the premier Starbucks locations. Agency masterminded the events and designed to showcase Surface to be much more than a tablet, trusted by people they look up to and endorsed by creative influencers in Malaysia. It was an evening to remember with the right location, right, audience, right context and the right ambience to change the perceptions of Surface.

The Execution
Leveraging on Starbucks, we spread the word out using the extensive their consumer database and connected with 10 high traffic outlets in Klang Valley. We brought together a myriad of influential figures such as Marina Mahathir, Joey Yap, Faizal Tahir and Sazzy Falak at the weekly chit chat sessions with Surface. We used the power of radio to start discussions between loyal listeners and their favourite DJs and continue those discussions at the weekly sessions. Surface became the point of discussion offline and online when influencers also started to join in social conversations with their fans through hashtag #Surface and shared their own experiences while inspiring and motivating Malaysians to follow through their areas of successes. Experiential activities using Surface devices during each sessions, encouraged a mass exchange of ideas which in turn inspired other users to “show-off” what they could do on their Surface and thus making it the trending topic of discussion throughout the campaign.

The Results
Social media conversations on Surface reached over 200,000 people and thousands of mentions over the span of 5 weeks and generated online and offline buzz including PR coverage. Each evening chit chat session was a full house and recorded the highest footfalls for Starbucks outlet. Sales of Surface devices jumped 60% post campaign. Spillover factor from the campaign success led to the uptake in purchase intentions for the next gen Surface 2 too.