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How A Kids Music Activation Drove Sales Up By 48%

Advertiser: Wippro Unza
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The Challenge
CarrieJunior commands high brand awareness in a highly competitive market. However, despite the fact that CarrieJunior had consistent TV presence, market share has stagnated especially in the southern region. Hence, we were tasked to find a new way to improve CarrieJunior sales conversion in the southern region.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
Insights clearly show that many parents don’t pay as much attention to the product as they do its price. Furthermore, through our research we discovered that to these parents, education on personal hygiene is primarily done at home only. Also, every kids shower brand communicates to mothers on media. So we thought, why fight the battle head on? We decided to focus all our efforts to win with the consumers instead, the kids! Further insights showed us that kids love water, foam and bubbles. They innately want shower moments to be fun, but currently feel that it is a boring chore. We also know that music is a common denominator amongst kids, regardless of race and language. Our strategy: Get kids to pester for CarrieJunior by making their shower moments fun again. So, we created a catchy branded jingle that is fun and resonates with kids. This jingle, coupled with a dance moves was designed to educate kids on the importance of personal hygiene. We brought the campaign to the kids in schools – a blind spot for our competition.

The Execution
Schools are known to be a monotonous place that kids have to spend half a day in. Hence, they are receptive to any new thing that breaks that monotony. We partnered with 58 schools in the southern region and ran a music-driven activation using our branded jingle and dance moves in schools to engage and get the kids excited about CarrieJunior. We know that most parents have their kids take showers once they get home from school, thus we targeted our activations towards the end of school period to ensure brand top of mind amongst these kids! Product samples were handed out to drive immediate trial. We even produced a life sized CarrieJunior Mascot that the kids found cute and cuddly. This mascot joined the activation team and the kids in the song and dance process to make child interaction more memorable. The icing on the cake was getting the teachers of the schools (the ones who will be leaving an impression on these children) to join in these fun filled sessions!

The Results
The brand achieved an all-time high 48% sales growth at RM2.041mil in the southern region by end December 2013. We reached out to more than 10,000 children during the campaign. Amongst 30 brands in Wipro Unza, through this activation CarrieJunior now is the third largest brand. Brand preference increased by 33%