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FUN Flavours’ Mobile Mixologists Shows How Easy It Is to Create F&N Celebration Mocktails

Advertiser: F&N Interflavine Pte Ltd
Brand: F&N Fun Flavours
Creative Agency: -
Credits: UNIVERSAL McCANN — Chai Yen Yen (Business Director), Elsa Fong (Associate Director), Cecilia Wong (Senior Buyer),Jennifer Soo (Senior Planner),Eunice Lian (Planner); F&N Interflavine Pte Ltd — Jenny Wong (Head-Regional Brand Development),Lorraine Tan (Senior Marketing Manager), Stephanie Wong (Senior Brand Manager),Patricia Lee (Marketing Manager)

The Challenge
F&N Fun Flavours had just launched its new positioning ‘More Fun Together’ and we needed amplify and bring alive this new proposition. To increase consumption, we needed to communicate and remind consumers that we had more than just the popular Orange variant. Instead there were 7 other amazing variants.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
INSIGHTS: Come year end, Malaysians generally gear up for a time of festivities and celebration. And no celebration is ever complete without festive drinks! Malaysians often serve-up and toast with mocktails and various drink concoctions. STRATEGY: With our new positioning of ‘More Fun together with F&N Fun Flavours’, it was the perfect occasion to remind consumers and strengthen our message. We aimed to turn F&N Fun Flavours from just another drink into an integral part of year-end festive cheer by showcasing the wonderful mix of mocktails that can be created with the 7 different variants – Orange, Strawberry, Grape, Ice-cream Soda, Sarsi, Clearly Citrus, Tonic and Soda Water. IDEA: Working with HotFM & FlyFM, we went On-ground with the Radio Mixologist crew, demonstrating to consumers how easy it was to create the many amazing mocktails to toast the year-end celebrations with via the ‘Fun-Mix’ game! Supporting the On-ground campaign, was a On-air contest that listeners had a fun time guessing the songs that had been mixed-up with Fun words.

The Execution
Working with HotFM & FlyFM and leveraging on their natural on- ground attraction, our F&N ‘Mixologists’ demonstrated to almost 2,000 consumers in 132 locations, how simple it was to create different mocktails using the eight F&N Fun Flavour variants. Amongst the mocktails that were promoted were ‘Yellow Submarine’, ‘Jazz it Up’ and ‘Awesome Surprise’. We strategically made the game easy, so that consumers would not think that the drink preparation was complicated. Our Mixologists would show them boards that had 4 different ingredients and participants had to guess 3 of the ingredients that go into preparing the mocktails. In the ‘Yellow Submarine’ board, the ingredients shown were Ice-cream Soda, Tomato, Pineapple Juice and Tapioca. If the participants correctly names Ice-Cream Soda, Tomato and Pineapple Juice as the 3 ingredients, they would walk away with F&N drinks to experiment with!

The Results
F&N Fun Flavours had successfully spread cheer to over 1.78 million Malaysian youth. Over 2,000 people interacted with the brand on- ground. In the end, close to 1,800 cans of drinks were sampled over the course of four weeks. This campaign was so successful that brand recall increased by 3% to 94% vs same period last year. Above all, sales grew +41% in less than one week into the campaign.