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Happening A-Class Goes Clubbing

Advertiser: Mercedes Benz Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Brand: Mercedes Benz A-Class
Creative Agency: -
Credits: MEC — Jade Chong (Associate Business Director), Julie Yew (Senior Planner),Ann Tak (Senior Buyer); Astro Radio — Astro Radio Team; Mercedes-Benz Malaysia — Elaine Hew (General Manager Marketing Communication), Jamie Wong (Manager, Strategic Marketing), Chen May Ling (Manager, CRM Marketing Communication), Alexander Yong (Assistant Manager, CRM & Online),Tracey Ong (Manager, Alternative Communication, Marketing Comm)

The Challenge
The brand new AClass is targeted to help Mercedes Benz gain a bigger share from the young executive segment. However, the batch has always been perceived as the car for “my father and uncle”. How could we change this perception and rejuvenate the brand to being young and ‘happening’?

The Solution – Insight & Idea
To target our core audience in the 20s to 30s, we first found out what ‘happening’ meant to them. Clubbing appeared as the first thing they thought about, and we learnt that they liked to party and be seen at clubs. This remains evidenced by the sheer number of clubbing photos that this demographic uploads onto Social Media to project their ‘happening’ lifestyles. Still, we couldn’t switch gears entirely. Mercedes’ still had a luxury brand image to maintain, so we went clubbing, but did it VIP style and positioned AClass as THE luxury car at the clubs. AClass’ party friendly identity was created by making sure that it was seen at Malaysia’s top clubs, but visibility alone wasn’t enough to change mindsets or enable interactions. We needed an on- ground experience to create hype and cultivate brand affinity. We decided to push the consumer experience further by partnering with to create ‘AClass Club Invasion’ and gave our target audience a chance to win a reward of a luxury VIP clubbing night-out with the AClass – a move to enhance the car’s ‘happening’ image, whilst successfully maintaining its luxury status.

The Execution
“AClass Club Invasion” invaded Malaysia’s top clubs (KL – Zouk & Neverland, Penang – Mois, Melaka – Movida, Ipoh – House Music Club). Prior to the invasion, listeners were prompted to join the contest by explaining why they deserve the VIP clubbing treatment by AClass. We also leveraged on’s FB page to announce the contest and create pre-invasion hype. The 25 weekly lucky winners from 4 different regions were treated a luxury VIP experience and opportunity to party with’s DJs. The winners were chauffeur- driven in AClass to the clubs and given VIP access. DJs were also invited on stage to announce the arrival of the AClass, and the car was stylishly positioned at the entrance of all the participating clubs, and flanked by elegant brand ambassadors who interacted with the crowd and garnered leads for test drives.

The Results
We reached out to 2,874,000 people in Malaysia with our campaign, and rewarded 75 listeners with an exclusive AClass VIP treatment. 10% of total test drive leads for AClass came from the ‘AClass Club Invasion’, and the AClass’ image as THE most ‘happening’ luxury car in town was proven by the brand’s exceptional sales figures –38% more than its annual target.