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2014 | |

Cloud 9 Chocolate Super Game Boy Sponsorship

Advertiser: URC Snack Foods (M) Sdn Bhd
Brand: Cloud 9
Creative Agency: Astro
Credits: OMD (M) Sdn Bhd — Liew Siew See (General Manager), Nancy Chua (Business Director),Dahlia Dhaima (Planner),Lena Tong (Senior Planner)

The Challenge
TV is an ideal medium to establish awareness for Cloud 9 new packaging and increase sales, whilst addressing 7 to 14 years. Since 89% of TV adspend is accounted by the top brands, Cloud 9 needs to stand out by innovating a solution that avoids head-on battle with competition.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
Kids are often fascinated by fantasy, super powers and heroes, referencing media influencers as their role models. Cloud 9 is positioned as an easily obtainable snack that complements a day in the life of a child. A snack that satisfies a child’s spontaneity state of desire in situations that promote fun, inspiration and sharing. Super Game Boy sponsorship allows Cloud 9 to stand out from its competitors and build affinity among kids through relatable elements. The main protagonist in Super Game Boy characterized a Cloud 9 lover; playful, mischievous, possesses telekinesis and mind-reading power. “Fun Never Ends with Cloud 9”, the brand’s proposition was cleverly demonstrated in the various scenes of the telemovie. It is apparent when Cloud 9 is positioned to be the preferred snack for the protagonist to start his day, building friendships and even experiment his super powers on it. As an unprecedented effort from Astro Ceria, Super Game Boy telemovie is a first time venture in CGI (computer-generated imagery) production to bring the show to higher realism and excitement. This too shows that Cloud 9 as a local brand is not afraid to be the early adopter, separating itself from competitors by participating in such production.

The Execution
Prior to the first transmission of Super Game Boy programme association, promo spots were ran across Ria, Ceria and TVIQ which has high viewership among the core audience of 7 to 14 years old. It helps to create curiosity and frequency of reminders of the brand’s messaging. Cloud 9 was prominently featured in a 3 minute worth of product integration, whereby the product is creatively weaved and blended into the storyline driving engagement throughout the character’s development. Scene 1: Cloud 9 serves as a food to start off the protagonist’s day Scene 2: Cloud 9 as a fun snack while watching his favourite YouTube program Scene 3: Uses Cloud 9 for fun practicing on his telekinesis Scene 4: Eating Cloud 9 while thinking of coming out with his superhero’s outfit Scene 5: Cloud 9 chocolate as a snack that bridges all friendship Cloud 9 promoted its brand within the context of spontaneity showcased in the various situations of fun, comfort, inspirations and friendships, parallel with the brand’s “Fun Never Ends with Cloud 9” message.

The Results
Sales increased by 16% versus past 3 months during the sponsorship period. Super Game Boy garnered 495K viewers on its first transmission and reached a cumulative viewership of 1.5m; an all time record-breaking view for any programme on Astro Ceria. Despite the limited accessibility to digital medium by its core audience, positive engagement and feedback were received via various digital platforms, approximately 96,000 views and 300 likes on You Tube and 8,000 likes on Instagram.