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2014 | |

Nescafe Wins Over General Elections Votes

Advertiser: Nestle Products Sdn Bhd
Brand: Nescafe
Creative Agency: Publicis
Credits: Mindshare — Cindy Chia (Director), Shanice Chin (Executive),Lisa Wong (Manager), Christine Poe (Manager),Mayank Bhatnagar (Director)

The Challenge
Malaysians are becoming more selective with their coffee as we saw a shift towards appreciation for local brands with origins traced back to specific historical towns. This is bad news for NESCAFE, as we’re perceived as a foreign brand. Challenge: show the nation that we’re truly Malaysian at heart.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
One of the most prominent events for Malaysians in 2013 is the General Election. We know this is the most important election in the history of Malaysia. The sentiments surrounding this election are something only Malaysians could understand. This is the perfect opportunity to let Malaysians know that NESCAFE cares about the country as much as they do. We know that all eyes will be glued to their TV sets for the latest news: from analysis of the election to progress reports. Our strategy is to have NESCAFE at the forefront of the election news. We positioned NESCAFE as the national product that marches through this important period with Malaysians by providing mental stimulation to stay up and pursue the results. Through strategic integration with news breaking programmes on the elections, we managed to break through the clutter with limited budget.

The Execution
We partnered the top two news channels: Astro AEC and AWANI, which gave full-day General Election 2013 coverage. With a small budget, we secured placement for the iconic NESCAFE red mug on the news desk alongside the newscasters delivering the General Election report. NESCAFE received more than 40 hours of coverage across the channels, starting from the polling in the morning to the final results. NESCAFE was present every step of this important journey with Malaysians. In addition to the mug placement, the partnership also provided air time for NESCAFE to run its signature commercials featuring racial diversity, harmony and the unique charm of its people, which was highly relevant to everyone at that time.

The Results
By riding on the wave of the 2013 General Elections, we were able to increase crucial top-of-mind awareness from 30% to 53% (Millward Brown) among consumers. With just RM 87K investment NESCAFE red mugs more than 40 hours of solid exposure which translated to RM 13 million worth of air time and we achieved a whopping 17% volume increase in market share for NESCAFE within weeks after the election.