Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2014 | |

Suria FM surprises listeners with a new entertainment channel

Advertiser: Rimakmur Sdn Bhd
Brand: Suria FM
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Rimakmur Sdn Bhd — Woo Bee Ay (Marketing Manager), Gladys Yew (Assistant Marketing Manager), How Yuan Yi (Client Services Director), Mandy Liew (Media Manager), Queenie Phang (Senior Media Buyer), Vincent Loong (Assistant Media Manager)

The Challenge
Era.FM, Hot.FM and Sinar.FM are the big boys of Malay Radio. They rule their respective kingdoms with millions of loyal subjects. Suria.FM, is akin to the rebel village with their merry band of brothers and media agency, working tirelessly to craft differentiated ways to convert listeners.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
Subjects from other kingdoms are mesmerized by famous celebrity DJs. They tune in and listen to them on- air religiously. How can we break this spell of monotonous behavior? The Malay community is a close knit group. Genuine acts of kindness is often reciprocated with loyalty from the whole community. Gathering with family and friends for a “makan session” is an occasion they thoroughly enjoy. We saw this as the perfect leverage and recommended the Community Attack Marketing approach to reach our audience. Whilst our competitors ran mass reach campaigns and on-air contest, throwing away cold hard cash, our differentiated approach to reach them in a personal and inclusive way stood out. SURIA means ‘happy times’. Staying true to its brand name and promise, we developed a campaign centered around ‘Zon Ceria SURIA’ (Happy Zones) which enabled radio listeners be immersed into our world beyond the air-waves.

The Execution
We carefully picked 36 popular restaurants to be transformed into ‘Zon Ceria SURIA’. At each location, the Suria.FM task force literally brought along ‘sunshine’ wherever they went. All dressed in Suria.FM orange t-shirts with equally bright orange coloured balloons, they took patrons by surprise. Clearly delighted, they eagerly participated in the festivities, mingling with the Deejays. And as icing on a delicious cake, their meals were paid off by Suria.FM! What a happy day, and it didn’t cost our audience a single cent! Patrons happily shared their precious experience and photos in their own social spaces. At each of the 36 restaurants we visited, the campaign didn’t just end there. We certified and stamped the place as a Suria Happy Zone. Permanent ‘Zon Ceria Suria’ montage posters were prominently hung on the walls with pride long after we left. Reaching greater audience numbers, the campaign highlights was shared on-air and in Suria.FM’s facebook page.

The Results
With just RM32,000, we made face- to-face interaction with 1,800 people but even more priceless was the positive reviews and publicity generated from listeners.Genuine gratitude and appreciation for SURIA’s effort in bringing a little sunshine to their lives. From our research, the campaign scored high on engagement at 83% which helped push brand image scores up by 67 percentage points. With this simple gesture, Suria FM brought out the core value of “Suria” (Happiness) FM