Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2014 | |

Endorsement from 108 KOLs

Advertiser: Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Brand: Panasonic Beauty
Creative Agency: Naga DDB
Credits: Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd — Allan Wong (GM, Marketing Innovation), Hidekazu Sasaki (Marketing Director), Stella Lim (Executive, Advertising Communication - Marketing I), Steven Yap (Team Leader, Home Appliances Department), Janice Tan (Executive, Home Appliances Department - Beauty & H); Vizeum Media Services (M) Sdn Bhd — How Yuan Yi (Client Services Director), Jessie Lian (Associate Media Director), Mandy Liew (Media Manager), Chan Mey Fung (Assistant Media Manager), Heryl Teh (Media Planner 11), Kwan Wei Mun (Senior Media Buyer)

The Challenge
Electrical appliances for home beauty regime is relatively new to Malaysian women. How can we make Panasonic Beauty the synonymous leader in this category? In a complex category, we must first gain the trust of alpha users who will then pave the way for followers.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
Alpha females love their glossy female magazines. There is nothing better than flipping through pages and pages of perfect photo shots of the latest handbag, shoe or miracle face cream that they would love to get their hands on. But what really goes into a magazines? The coveted first few double page spread international brands clamour over. The fashion features. The latest trends, personality test and gossip columns. The local editorial pieces. Each section is carefully constructed for hours of reading pleasure. Media agency recognised that running print ads alone and placed after many other pages of international high fashion brands may not have the desired impact. For readers to really appreciate the Panasonic Beauty products, we had to demonstrate its efficacy. Who better than the magazine’s own editorial team to become our Trust Ambassadors. Hence, we went out to identify and negotiate with not ten, twenty or thirty professionals, we secured the assistance of 108 magazine professionals in our aggressive plan to win over the market. Everyone was given the free hand to craft the pages as they see fit.

The Execution
8 months. 10 top Female magazines including InTrend. 46 compelling editorial pieces crafted. One of the pieces is “How to prepare for a party with Panasonic Beauty”. It went on a journey to discover how a celebrity prepares for a big night. A 4-page feature spread tastefully integrated 6 different Panasonic Beauty products and its application. In the morning, she uses the face steamer to get her skin moisturised and pocket doltz toothbrush to ensure every teeth is pearly white. Stockings can be thrown away when she has silky smooth legs to show, thanks to the epilator effective in removing every small unsightly stubble. With the compact hair iron, every strand of hair is in place. She finishes her look for the night with eye lash curler for enchanting eyes. Across the different magazines, 45 more unique pieces were customised for its reader. Each editorial piece brought its reader on a journey of discovery and greater understanding and appreciation for Panasonic Beauty appliances.

The Results
For 8 months, Panasonic dominated the entire magazine platform reaching over 500,000 Alpha women. Engagement was at all time high at 78%. With brand endorsement from 108 beauty experts, Panasonic’s brand parameters against our target group increased double digit: Brand consideration increased 25% Brand preference grew 33% Total brand image scores improved 60%. Sales of the Panasonic Beauty range exceeded supply.