Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2014 | |

First Movie Ad in Property Section

Advertiser: Sony Pictures
Brand: Elysium
Creative Agency: Paxgon
Credits: Universal McCann — Ramakrishnan CN (Senior Vice President), Goh Soo Mei (Associate Director), Nina Jayatileke (Branded Content Executive), Emily Chin (Assistant Buying Manager), Adam Lee (Media Buyer)

The Challenge
With Matt Damon starrer ELYSIUM, Sony Pictures wanted to reach out to audiences beyond the typical Sci-Fi buffs. With several highly anticipated movies lined up for release around the same time, our challenge was to reach out and entice cine viewers beyond the Sci- Fi lovers, and maximize incremental ticket sales.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
Insight: Malaysians are inherently social media activists and highly opinionated. They desire a utopian state of being with specific grouse on traffic, weather, pollution, real estate prices, etc. They love to evaluate their current state and often voice out how they could be a lot better. Media agency proposed to tap on this deep Malaysian desire for utopia, to pull them into theatres to watch Elysium- a place where everything is better. Strategy: Media Agency proposed to convert the ‘COMPLAINTS INTO TICKET SALES’ strategy, which involved identifying all areas of discomfort and juxtapose them with Elysium, to create desire and hence ticket sales. A multi-media approach was proposed to target timezones and content where the pain points were talked about the most, contextualizing the ‘promise of a better place i.e. Elysium’. Idea: A day in the life of a Malaysian was mapped where different times had different media exposures and respective pain point discussions. Through research, the top pain points were identified and mapped with respect to each media platform and daypart. Elysium attacked all those moments with the promise of ‘it’s better up there in Elysium’. By placing such strong contextual message, curiosity about Elysium was created.

The Execution
With Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur ranked #7 in world’s most dangerous cities, there was need gap for the common Malaysian, they desired safe living, quality amenities and confidence to go out without any fear, the very things Elysium stood for. Media Agency recommended launching the Elysium, like a new property launch. Safe haven, with first world amenity, BOTs for protection, clean air and no traffic. We strategically positioned our ad in the property section of the newspaper title relevant to our target audience, with reader spending average 40% more time on property section versus other we had rapped attention, our promise of “It’s Better Up There” and claiming it to be “THE BEST PLACE TO LIVE…”, we successfully communicated Elysium launch to an unsuspecting audience and were able to arouse curiosity around the movie.

The Results
The campaign reached 60% of target audience, as Elysium became the #1 movie on the Malaysian box office for the first 2 weeks. Movie grossed more than US $ 2 million within few weeks beating targets by 34% and outperformed a similar genre big budget movie, Vin Diesel starrer Riddick’s opening week collection.