Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2014 | |

Flip a Page. Enjoy a Meal

Advertiser: Nestle Products Sdn Bhd
Brand: Maggie
Creative Agency: Publicis
Credits: Mindshare — Kelly Liow (Executive), Lim Suk Yee (Manager), Esther Loke (Executive), Tracy Mok (Senior Executive),Christine Poe (Manager),Cindy Chia (Director); China Press

The Challenge
Maggi launched Magic Meals, a ground-breaking culinary product that involves cooking a meal in a plastic bag using rice cooker. Since the product concept is first of its kind in Malaysia, our challenge was to educate consumers on the unconventional cooking method and convince them to personally experience the product.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
To attain rapid acceptance for this new cooking technique, our strategy was to induce trial by conducting mass consumer sampling. Conventional in-store promoters are good at sampling prepared food for shoppers to taste but they lack the credibility to educate consumers on the new cooking method and possible fear and questions on food safety issues (cooking with a plastic-looking bag provided by Maggi Magic Meals). On the other hand, we know that print is regarded as a credible medium by our target, and is our consumers’ main source of information for the latest products or services in the market. Marrying these insights, we recommended a unique solution: to use newspapers as our sampling agent to distribute Maggi Magic Meals samples into Malaysian homes. We capitalized on the newspapers’ high circulation, daily speed-to-market and also its credibility as a medium to educate about new cooking method and address concerns on food safety. For the first time ever, an actual food product was attached to the newspaper and given to consumers to sample.

The Execution
To increase visibility, we negotiated with publishers and secured creative placement for our ads and sample packs in spaces mother wouldn’t miss. Our communication space highlighted all the essential information that mothers need to know about this new innovation from our innovative product range to step-by-step preparation, plastic bag safety assurance and most importantly the actual food product stick-on the newspaper where mothers could have their first-hand experience in their own comfort home. For a flawless execution, there were several rounds of pressure test being done with publishers to ensure feasibility of the stick-on. Within a day, publisher glued hundreds of thousands of the actual food products on the newspapers and had them distributed out to the homes.

The Results
As a result, Maggi Magic Meals were sampled over 120,000 households in just 1 day!

  1. 80% of home cooks become aware of this new innovation by Maggi and all of them were keen to try.
  2. Everyone who have tried the product wanted more.
  3. Maggi Magic Meals’ off-take contributed to a 15% increase in Maggi’s market share during the launch month itself. (Source: Nielsen & Millward Brown)