Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2014 | |

100PLUS Face-Off

Advertiser: F&N Interflavine Pte Ltd
Brand: 100PLUS
Creative Agency: Publicis
Credits: UNIVERSAL McCANN — Chai Yen Yen (Business Director), Derek Tan Yeong Par (Executive Director),Kim Chew (Associate Director),Amy Yep (Associate Director), Cecilia Wong (Senior Buyer), Elsa Fong (Associate Director), Joey Tan (Senior Planner),Leong Wei Ian (Planner); F&N Interflavine Pte Ltd — Jennifer Lim (Marketing Planning Manager),Patricia Lee (Brand Manager),Michelle Teng (Assistant Brand Manager),Lorraine Tan (Senior Marketing Manager), Jenny Wong (Head-Regional Brand Development),Leong Wai Yin (Marketing Manager)

The Challenge
In keeping with times, 100PLUS decided that it was time for a change in terms of brand positioning as well as product design. But we did not want to just stock the products on the shelves quietly for consumers to realise that the product design had changed. It seemed impersonal.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
INSIGHTS: Successful brands are the ones that involve the consumers, which make them feel like they have a stake in it. And, 100PLUS’s dominant success is due in part to the brand’s push to drive continuous engagement, with communication that connects with our consumers. And,from being a Chinese preferred brand, today its core consumers are the Malays. STRATEGY: For 30 years, 100PLUS has had such loyal consumers. We decided that in unveiling our new product design, it was imperative that we involved as many of our consumers as possible and to get them to be part of our journey for the coming 30 years together. Usually brands invite celebrities to do the unveiling as it is a special occasion. But 100PLUS wanted it to be personal and decided to let their loyalists unveil the new look rather than holding a launch event with celebrities. IDEA: Hence, the media agency proposed to have the unveiling of the new product design in the No. 1 newspaper title in the country, Harian Metro. On the day of the campaign launch, we planned a special peel-off sticker that revealed the new product designed when it was peeled-off on the front cover of Harian Metro.

The Execution
In order to stand out, the revelation of the new refreshed 100PLUS look needed to be positioned next to the nation’s top newspaper headline on the front cover. This is to ensure maximum eyeballs in a highly targeted environment. Making it possible, we collaborated with Harian Metro, the top Malay title newspaper in Malaysia. To capture the attention of the consumers, the peel-off sticker was incorporated as part of the print ad’s creative. On the surface of the sticker was the 100PLUS’s old product design. Once the sticker was peeled-off, it revealed the new 100PLUS’s product design. All of these, with the intention of creating a face-off between the old and the new refreshed look, and to ultimately ensure that the announcement of the new, refreshed 100PLUS look is known and reinforced.

The Results
With just one peel-off, more than 3.68 million Malaysians had celebrated the unveiling the new 100PLUS product design together with us. 100PLUS Top of mind score increased by 5% to 33% whilst brand imagery score rose to 68%.