Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2014 | |

DiGi #confirmMalaysian print ads united Malaysians

Advertiser: DiGi Telecommunications
Brand: DiGi Corporate
Creative Agency: Naga DDB
Credits: Starcom — Joanne Ong (Planning Manager),Lua Yih Haur (Media Planner)

The Challenge
Merdeka/Malaysia Day is one of the noisiest period for advertisers. We were challenged to break the clutter; people are used to seeing one-pager print ads every festive and Merdeka/Malaysian day with only creative as differentiator. With a shoestring budget, the challenge is heightened.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
There are so many things that make Malaysians, uniquely Malaysians a.k.a. “Malaysianism”. For e.g. calling everyone a “Boss” (vendors call consumers “boss” and vice- versa), kids playing “one, two, jus” (rock, paper, scissors equivalent). Therefore a uniquely Malaysian theme “#confirmMalaysian” became the central message for DiGi’s Merdeka-Malaysia Day 2013 unity campaign. Newspaper medium was chosen as we needed a cost effective high reach medium that could reach to the mass Malaysian audience. Newspaper is also usually consumed by an individual and that one person usually will read not more than two languages of newspaper i.e. usually Chinese and English, Bahasa Malaysia and English or Tamil and English. We recognized an opportunity to celebrate DiGi’s unity message to our audience by bringing a different experience via print. The idea was to unite the different newspaper readers. Newspaper readers will need to engage with other vernacular language readers (that they don’t read).

The Execution
#confirmMalaysian campaign was Malaysia’s first quad-lingual press ad that allow readers to engage with other readers – when all four ads were pieced together forms one consecutive ad, this is also to symbolise the integration of language and races in being Malaysian. Four different versions of the ad illustrating a parade of Malaysianism. This parade was created to be divided into 4 parts. Each part has a different language and was published in their respective language newspapers on Merdeka Day, i.e. The Star (English), Sin Chew (Chinese), Harian Metro (Bahasa Malaysia), and Nanban (Tamil). Readers were encouraged to collect these 4 parts of the ad from their friends, families and colleagues in order to have the complete view of the Malaysianism parade. To encourage readers to be part of DiGi’s unity message, we asked Malaysians to join the #confirmMalaysian Instagram Malaysianism parade. Readers were asked to submit their patriotic poses e.g. the results of these entries were published in the Malaysia Day’s ads. This subsequently drove higher engagement between readers and the brand.

The Results
The unity campaign reached 3,700,000 people and the unity message was brought to life by encouraging Malaysians to engage the different vernacular newspapers. This uniquely Malaysian campaign was well received by marketing blogs and websites. The campaign also attracted 2,100 of #confirmMalaysian tweets and Instagram photos who are now part of the bigger Malaysianism parade.