Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2014 | |

We waited in suspense…then something amazing happened

Advertiser: Permanis
Brand: Tropicana
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Carat — Allen Phang (Senior Planner), Carmen Wong (General Manager)

The Challenge
Tropicana Twister’s main challenge is the fact that juice consumption is seasonal, peaking at festive months. Their challenge was to amplify the Raya sales so that it will give better sales “long-tail” throughout the year. “Brighten Your Day” was the platform used to build stronger emotional connection.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
Insights from Millward Brown Research suggested that Tropicana is losing out on the juice consumers from 12 – 39. The category noise however is very high during Raya, with competition also trying to maximize their “share of throat”. We looked deeper into the meaning of Raya. Raya is a period to “balik kampong” for the family reunion. This is easy if family is near. But there are many families with loved ones overseas. Increasing living and travelling expenses are major hurdles for the reunion. We decided to “Brighten Your Day” for one winning family. We created “Eratkan Jalinan” on EraFM to reward this deserving family. The idea was to leverage EraFM to get listeners to nominate the person they want to bring back for Raya. 5 nominees were shortlisted. These 5 families then had to compete with each other in the studio. The family that knew their loved one best (hence Eratkan Jalinan) would be the winner. The finale was tearful especially to those who thought they came so close but could not win to get their loved one back.

The Execution
Radio was the core driver for this campaign. We used it for listeners to nominate the person they wanted to bring home. Promos and DJ mentions were on-air with entries submitted online. The 5 shortlisted families and their nominated person were then connected via live streaming from the Radio Station. The DJs probed detailed questions to see how well the families knew their loved ones. It was broadcast live, a first, for this type of campaign. As everyone waited in suspense for the client to announce the winner, something amazing happened. Tropicana Twister rewarded all 5 families by announcing they will bring all of their loved ones back for Raya. Everyone erupted in joy! We used radio to go social, by sharing the overall experience on Era’s YouTube and Facebook pages, amplifying the emotional connection and increasing the experience sharing. This lighted up social media as consumers gave positive feedback. Harian Metro, NewStraits Time, TheSun and Astro Awani completed the cycle by capturing the reunion moments, bring tears of joy to the families.

The Results
The most valuable results which can’t be quantified are the tears of joy during the family reunion. The TV and Print coverage however was over RM770K, amortizing the campaign cost. Total ROI including Radio, Social buzz and WOM was valued at RM230k. Sales grew during the Raya period by 10%. But more importantly uplifted the overall sales for the entire year, achieving our long- tail objective.