Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2014 | |

Superhero kids fly with Malaysia Airlines to save the world for FREEEEEEEE!

Advertiser: Malaysian Airline System Berhad
Brand: Malaysia Airlines
Creative Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Credits: UM Malaysia — Ramakrishnan C N (Senior Vice President), Samantha Tay (Business Director),Hanim Mazam (Group Lead),Low Soo Yong (Senior Media Planner), Emily Chin (Assistant Manager),Wong Ai Lin (Media Buyer); Malaysian Airline System Berhad — Dean Dacko (SVP, CML Marketing & Products). Khairul Syahar Khalid (Senior Mgr. Advertising),Azizan Ahmad (Executive, Advertising); Sales, Astro Radio — Harminder Teja Singh (General Manager)

The Challenge
In the past, news of MalaysiaAirlines (MAS) banning kids onboard spread like wildfire amongst parents. The bad publicity and competitive kids’ fares from LCC further reinforce their apprehension of flying with MAS, despite the superior comfort and end-to-end care that MAS can offer. MAS desperately need to win parents over.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
INSIGHTS: Flying with Kids is tough, but we knew that in stressful and trying times, all parents need to do is, conjure up their kids’ latest shenanigans which can cause maniacal laughter and temporary escape from a busy day.
STRATEGY: To launch Kids Fly For Free campaign, we wanted to invoke that blissful feeling amongst parents; hence Media Agency recommended to get kids to share their unfiltered point of view. We knew kids could run wild with their imagination and we wanted them to express their opinion in a cut through manner via Radio, a medium with high reach amongst the parents moreover typically devoid of kids chatter and laughter.
IDEA: We invited kids to the radio studio to share with all the parents in Malaysia where they would like to go. We leveraged on the kids’ innocent but genuine behavior to capture parents’ attention, their mannerism will definitely spark parent’s imagination on how happy their kids would be if they were to go on a holiday. We tactically planned for the branded talkset to be scheduled a month before school holiday, based on the 33 days average lead time from initial Trigger, to Planning and Booking of flights.

The Execution
We partnered with Mix and Sinar and leveraged the station beyond just its high listenership amongst parents, but we also strategically engaged their morning drive DJs, as they have higher affinity, being parents themselves. Kids were asked to share with the DJs over a chat, on where in the world they would like to go for a holiday and more importantly why. Needless to say the unexpected responses of “to see Superheroes!!” and “to eat what our Superheroes eat!” were full of innocent conviction. The branded talkset was first aired in the peak morning drive-time, where parents had just bid goodbye to their kids with a heavy heart and slogging through endless traffic. This scheduling provided parents the bandwidth to recall their own family trip conversations. To maximize the talkset impact, we edited it into capsule and subsequently air it across the key time belts to maximize Reach and Frequency. The brand message of Kids Fly For Free with MAS was subtlety built into the interviews and capsules, influencing parents’ perception on getting onboard MAS.

The Results
The campaign was a success amongst parents and kids alike! We have reached out to 63% of our target audience! On Radio alone, we’ve reached out 7 million parents. MAS Brand Health perception score of ‘Range of appropriate fares & flexibility’ increased by an amazing +27% and ‘Has attractive promotion’ increased by +17%! Sales of the promotions grew by a whopping 22%.