Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2014 | |

A Historic Day in Radio require a Historic Gift

Advertiser: QSR Brands (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd
Brand: KFC
Creative Agency: BBDO (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
Credits: Universal McCann — Rina Low (Business Director), Wong May May (Associate Director),Lim Yee Wen (Media Planner),Way Chooi Yee (Media Planner),Nur Alina Tan binti Abdullah (Senior Media Buyer), Tham Hui Ying (Media Planner), Cheng Xiu Wei (Media Planner)

The Challenge
With consumer spoiled with choices in Fast Food category, driving foot traffic is challenging despite its tickling their taste buds. With walk-ins reducing naturally during the festive season, our task was to ensure spectacular launch for KFC’s Golden Chicken Wrap for CNY 2013 and counter McDonalds’ festive offering.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
INSIGHT: Whenever someone gets a gift wrapped with a nice bow, it adds to the occasion, the excitement, the expectation and surprise of finding the gift after peeling through the layers of wrapping, is one of the most genuine and heartfelt moments. Malaysians, however don’t always wrap their gifts, the extra effort is made only for special people. More importantly, that moment opening a present is even more special.
STRATEGY: We devised a cutting edge strategy that activates consumer’s 5 senses to heighten the sensorial pleasure of opening a gift wrap and make every moment of opening a KFC Golden Wrap special.
IDEA: Every day, even though our morning newspaper carries fresh news it is not unique, more often than not the same old mundane look. We decided to surprise Malaysians on a fine lovely morning to have their morning paper delivered and gift wrapped. We used high quality wrapping paper to activate their touch and feel senses with injecting sensorial pleasure of unwrapping their golden gift. It was a first ever.

The Execution
Leveraging on the power of breakfast time belt, it started off with the outgoing DJ – Ean, where they were put through series of golden challenges every morning to test if they deserve to be the all new breakfast DJs. The ultimate challenge would earn Jin and Ryan a special golden gift which had the boys dying in anticipation. The suspense was carried through all time belts rooting for them. Viral videos of the challenges went ablaze on the internet creating talking points across fellow DJs and listeners. Their sensory was heightened on the day of the ultimate challenge. Both were blindfolded and escorted to a secret location, and presented with Golden Wrap first of its kind in Malaysia. Jin and Ryan unwrapped the new KFC Golden Wrap Chicken bit by bit, live on radio before media, consumers and listeners. All who tuned in were engulfed with delicious sounds of the unwrapping of KFC Golden Wrap Chicken. What a way to welcome the all new breakfast show DJs on radio!

The Results
1.2 million listeners were reached, top of mind awareness soared by 12.5% directly at the expense of McDonald’s in the same quarter. This resulted in a jump in visitation by 11% pushing our brand share up by 5% in a declining category. It was our highest ever in 11 quarters. Marketing 4Ps also benefited. High quality food : +5%, new & interesting to try +4% & most importantly best tasting chicken +14%!