Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2014 | |

Men Rushed to Watsons for Grooming

Advertiser: Watsons Malaysia
Brand: Watsons Malaysia Cup
Creative Agency: Watsons Malaysia
Credits: OMD Malaysia — Raymond Chin (Senior Manager),Siew Wey Tyng (General Manager), Stephanie Law (Media Planner);Watsons Malaysia — Jessica Ng (Marketing Director),Danny Hoh (Marketing Controller),Eric Wong (Marketing Manager), Shureen Lim (Marketing Manager), Wong Chui-San (Senior Executive)

The Challenge
Watsons has traditionally been a girl store. All businesses targets growth, but for the case of Watsons where 90% of its customers are women, they have reached a plateau. How then to grow the business in 2013 by 10%, when the population of women doesn’t grow by 10% overnight?

The Solution – Insight & Idea
Watsons as personal care retailer is a brand that is perceived to be female oriented. To grow the business, there’s a need to drive men to visit the stores. How do we change the perception amongst men that there’s plenty of good for them at Watsons? This requires us to delve deep into their inborn trait. Herein lies the insight: We believe men’s inborn trait is drawn to battle and brawn. Today, the battles now fought are in the football fields. Hence leading to our strategy that the football field is the battlefield where we foster masculinity by looking good. In Malaysia, the football championship known as Malaysia Cup is bigger than the Barclays Premier League. Traditionally being seen as a sport dominated by cigarette brands and now Telco brands, we wrested the Malaysia Cup rights of content from those big boys and become the only personal care retailer to exclusively target men via football activation. We envision Watsons to be the sole authority in male masculinity via male grooming and we sought to be associated with the most followed championship in Malaysia, and leverage on men who looks good prancing in the football fields.

The Execution
Officially named WATSONS MALAYSIA CUP, a property that we own. What we did on-ground and in-store endeared the brand to the men. 1.Special edition Watsons loyalty card printed with football teams’ photos were sold in-store and given out to the public via contests conducted on-air and online. 2.Tickets to watch the match were given out to customers who spend at Watsons stores, driving footfall. 3.Trophy Tours – The physical Watsons Malaysia Cup trophy itself made appearances at various Watsons stores at malls for the customers to pose with. 4.Player Meet & Greet – The players themselves made appearances at various Watsons stores, where the customers got to meet and greet them, further endearing Watsons to the consumers.

The Results
The unprecedented first attempt to target men exclusively by a personal care retailer resulted in: •15% increase in male grooming product sales •40% increase in male fans in Watsons FB page •94% of limited edition Watsons loyalty card sold •10 times more media value than the investment. •RM1.7mil PR value garnered from the media coverage