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2014 | |

MILO Serves Up First Ever ‘Malaysia Breakfast Day’

Advertiser: Nestle Products Sdn Bhd
Brand: MILO
Creative Agency: Ogilvy
Credits: Mindshare Malaysia — Cindy Chia (Director),Soo Wai Ching (Manager), Sheryn Fong (Executive), Christine Poe (Manager),Chun Kok Fei (Senior Executive), Satwinder Dhillon (Manager),Chia Guat Ching (Senior Executive),Lee Kah Yee (Executive); Media Prima TV; Media Prima Radio; NSTP Group; Nanyang Group; Astro; MediaCliq

The Challenge
For generations, MILO has been the most popular breakfast beverage for Malaysian kids, but a study conducted by UKM reveals that 2/3 of school-going kids does not eat breakfast every day. We need to reverse this scenario for the betterment of kids and to preserve MILO’s heritage in Malaysia.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
Kids are less concerned about health and nutrition than their mothers. The key to get kids to eat breakfast is through their mums. We know that mums will go to great lengths for their kids. She is not lazy to prepare breakfast. However, it is not apparent to her how crucial breakfast is to boost her children’s energy, improve their concentration in school and perform better throughout the day. With this insight, we strategised to demonstrate the importance of breakfast and MILO’s commitment to help moms by creating our nation’s first ever “Malaysia Breakfast Day”, a movement that ties our integrated campaign together. Leading up to Malaysia Breakfast Day is a 5 month long interactive campaign that includes educational series, morning tips, easy nutritious recipes, pledges for breakfast, the largest breakfast gathering in Malaysia and the first ever fun run to honour the breakfast occasion.

The Execution
We partnered with different media owners to execute this breakfast movement. Each medium played a different role. TV was for awareness through TVC and capsules, while Talkshows further reaffirmed the importance of breakfast during selected interviews. Newspapers educated mums as well as provided simple breakfast recipes through. Magazine advertisements communicating the nutritional benefits of MILO captured mums at a more relaxed state of mind. We also created breakfast capsules on Radio, leveraging on DJs, VO and cruisers for sampling to further strengthen our breakfast proposition. On digital, we engaged bloggers to create awareness on the importance of breakfast, whilst publishing articles on women sites to encourage healthy breakfast consumption. All these medium were tightly integrated leading up to the Malaysia Breakfast Day.

The Results
Through this campaign, we succeeded to bring breakfast and MILO back into the morning routine:

  • Incidence of having breakfast increased by 44% for people exposed to the campaign (Source: MillwardBrown)
  • Amongst kids, MILO as the brand “drunk most often” increased from 86% to 90% (Source: MillwardBrown)
  • On MILO’s website, 100,000 moms pledged to serve breakfast to their kids everyday
  • 15,000+ people attended the 1st ever MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day to honour the occasion