Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2014 | |

Great Migrations: Samsung’s Sales Elevation Journey

Advertiser: Samsung
Brand: Samsung Mobile
Creative Agency: LiquidThread
Credits: LiquidThread — Siti Khairuddin (Associate Director, Brand Connections), Asreena Ramdan (Senior Executive, Production and Development); Starcom Malaysia — Johanizam Johari (Media Planner)

The Challenge
Samsung launched an entry level smartphone, Galaxy Y Neo, in an effort to enhance the mobility experience of feature phone users. We were tasked with convincing these tail-enders to migrate into the 21st century. But, we needed an Ice Age to make this GREAT MIGRATION to happen.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
[REALITY IS TV, TV IS REALITY]: Our core audience, the Young Urban Malays are especially fascinated with the reflection of their reality on TV. These content junkies craves the emotion, passion and action that reality shows offer. They have high affinity towards music, gossips, TV and digital. [ASTRO, THE BIG BOOM]: Astro’s Ria and Media Prima stations were gaining a lot more traction with our target audience. Ria and Prima have led the charge in helping Astro Malay achieve audience growth of 78% over the past few years. [CONTENT EXTENSION, MULTIPLE PLATFORMS]: Whilst we understand that branded content drives engagement, our audience is constantly looking for additional content, all the time. Our audience are equally interested in peripheral and insider content. And they want it across multiple platforms and screens (77% watch TV alongside another device). When Akademi Fantasia (AF), Malaysia’s most popular and longest running talent search TV reality show, announced it was coming back on air, we saw an opportunity to power it up with Samsung. [NO ORDINARY SPONSORSHIP]: We wanted to create a content experience to our audience across different platforms. Our idea: “Samsung, where everything begins” was seeded into the sponsorship and content.

The Execution
Multiple unique content experiences across different platforms were created to enhance AF and the brand’s message. [ON TELEVISION] Shortlist ‘Shorties’: Covered contestants’ lives, emotions, motivations and how Samsung enables them improve their singing performance, AF Buzz: in-depth discussions about contestants , AF Daily Diaries: Weekly AF latest updates and scores, TGIAF: inside scoop of AF’s behind the scene, Samsung Galaxy Vibe Meter: Allowed users to send comments and encouragement to contestants preparing to compete in the final showdown. [DIGITAL/MOBILE] Galaxy Entri, the 2nd screen: App that allowed smartphone users to become judges to vote 2 shortlists directly into the final 10 [ON-GROUND ACTIVATION] Brand integration through stage and event dressed up, contestants’ bespoked Samsung-AF jackets by The Tarik Jeans, props for audience, backstage interview sessions. Samsung smartphones were integrated throughout AF, its bespoked companion content and collaterals. We ensured Galaxy Y Neo was built into the show via [1] Product integrations; [2] Visual signage in the show; [3] Verbal endorsements from judges, hosts and participants; and [4] Product and functional usage demonstrations.

The Results
Samsung’s integrated effort rejuvenated Akademi Fantasia: 4,640,000+ unique viewers tuned into finale making AF the most popular reality-music show, 17,000,000+ social media impressions, features in newspapers and on TV, 25,000 fans downloaded the app to vote for their favorites, 80,000+ attended Prelude concerts; ratings increased 20%, 55% surveyed audience recalled Samsung as AF’s Main Sponsor More importantly, the GREAT MIGRATION caused sales to spike across all lower-end smartphones rather than just Galaxy Y Neo.