Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2013 | |

Search’ing Behind Enemy Lines

Advertiser: Nippon Paint Malaysia
Brand: Nippon Paint
Creative Agency: Tribal DDB
Credits: Vizeum Media Services — Tan Soon Liang (Senior Digital Director), Ruby Subramaniam (Senior Digital Planner), Janise Shiaw (Media Manager), Wong Tse San (Head of Communications Planning), Kelly Chua (Senior Client Services Director), John Loke (Digital Planner), Nicole Lee (Media Planner), iProspect Malaysia / Nippon Paint Malaysia — Gladys Goh (Group General Manager), Wong Meng Lee (Brand Manager), Melodie Yap (Marketing Executive)

Nippon Paint was a category leader in Search. This changed when our main competitor invested heavily and aggressively hijacked Nippon Paint’s presence. Whenever users searched for ‘Nippon Paint’, Brand X’s ads appeared, redirecting users to their website instead. We needed a strategy to outwit Brand X at their own game.

Buying the competitors’ branded terms is common practice. We went beyond the norm by identifying generic keywords that were organically driving users to Brand X’s website. For example, searching for ‘house paint’ will see Brand X as the top brand featured, hence driving click-throughs to their website. This ‘blind spot’ was ignored and we capitalized on it! Whilst Brand X was busy fighting us on our turf, we took to their territory without them knowing.

A key criteria to achieve higher organic Search rankings involved having the relevant keywords displayed prominently on our website. Therefore we studied how Brand X’s website was optimized to Search engines by studying their content thoroughly. As a result, 1,034 keywords were selected, tested and added onto our list to further bid for. We also found ourselves having sole sponsored presence on most of the keywords. With low competition, we could keep the
cost low.

Nippon Paint ‘stole’ 14,143 click- throughs from the main competitor’s keywords. Average monthly visibility increased by 72%! Higher visibility meant more potential clicks. Click-throughs shot up by 95%! More clicks equate to a lower average cost-per-click. Average cost-per-click dropped by 32%! Google Trends confirms that Nippon Paint remains the category leader!