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Friso’s Search for Explorer Moms

Advertiser: Dutch Lady Milk Industries
Brand: Friso
Creative Agency: Reprise Media
Credits: Reprise Media / Universal McCann — Ullas Sahadevan (Director, Performance Marketing), Wilson Chin (Solutions Architect, Performance Marketing), Mike Hutany (Performance Marketing Specialist) / Universal McCann — Ramakrishnan C.N. (Vice President), Goh Soo Mei (Associate Director), Cathryn Pak (Assistant Manager), Olivia Lee (Senior Media Planner), Lim Jia Hui (Senior Media Planner), Stephanie Chin (Director Of Operations), Chow Lee Kheng, (Senior Buyer & Implementation) / Dutch Lady Milk Industries — Anja Henze (Marketing Director), Van Tran (Marketing Manager), Christy Yong (Senior Brand Manager), Desiree Cheng (Brand Manager)

Friso was facing intense competition in the premium milk category from big pharma companies. Friso wanted to target a segment known as ‘Explorer Moms’ who comprise of 10% of the Malaysian mommy population. The challenge was to target this niche segment and draw them in to consider Friso.

Explorer Moms believe experience to be a ‘child’s best teacher’, unlike the typical ‘Kiasu’ moms, who believes in academic and sporting achievements as most important. Both are heavy ‘searchers’ online, albeit with a key difference: problem -solution queries of Kiasu moms VS. holistic lifestyle queries of Explorer Moms. Keyword analysis indicated that Yahoo! had higher lifestyle oriented searches from moms than Google. We decided to shift the battleground from the cluttered Google to Yahoo! instead.

We studied the content available on Yahoo! and crafted an extensive keyword strategy which overlaid holistic lifestyle, to child development queries (‘mother and child yoga’, ‘creative crafts for kids’, ‘teaching charity to children’. This was drastically different from the brand & category specific searches we saw on other search engines.This unique strategy was a resounding fit in effectively reaching Explorer Moms, away from the plethora of child related searches in other search engines.

The results were phenomenal. Some 2.2 Million lifestyle searches were targeted, driving 35,293 Explorer Moms onto the Friso website (81% New Visits). 2,415 sample sign ups were garnered, at an amazing 6.84% new consumer reach out rate. This master strategy boosted consideration to buy Friso by 67% over previous year.