Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2013 | |

Now You can Loo-loo on the Streets

Advertiser: Coway (M) Sdn Bhd
Brand: Coway Bidet
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Aaron Low (Assistant Manager - Activation), Marcus SK (Activation Manager), Juliana Chua (General Manager - Activation), Lee Tse Yoon (Planning Director), Mandy Chan (Media Manager), Mahira Mohd Dahlan (Media Planner)

Coway sells products through a direct sales team and brand markets via ATL, roadshows and recommendations from Codys (Coway Lady sales advocates). However, Coway Bidets don’t sell due to our Malaysian toilet culture. So how can we generate trials for Coway Bidets where personal toilet hygiene is a taboo conversation?

We focused on 2 out-of-home touchpoints where cool and fun antics could be executed to engage, educate and enlist customers. The cinema allowed us to seize a moment of truth to get consumers to ‘take note’ and immediately try the bidet because everyone goes to the toilet before the movie. The brand/product could then expand their reach on the streets, in residential areas and in malls using mobile teams that caught people’s attention.

Coway Bidets were installed at cinema toilets. Before every movie, the ad “Don’t Forget to Loo Loo” was played and directly after, our “Human Adverts” seated in the cinema created a buzz by verbally commenting on how cool the product is. Outside, our Street Walkers carried Coway Bidets at unexpected locations like banks and the “mobile toilet showrooms” roamed the city displaying the Coway Bidet range with a call-to-action for trial registration.

Campaign reach: 304,000 people 57 locations (malls & streets) 101 cinema halls in market centres Leads 104% above target Trials leaped 1545% in 1st month, continued 300% above normal Sales increase of 153% in first month, sustained 38% every month thereafter Coway brought the bidet out of the homes!