Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2013 | |

Pizza Hut’s Menu-Pictionary Drives Malaysia Nuts!

Advertiser: QSR Brands (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd
Brand: Pizza Hut
Creative Agency:
Credits: Universal McCann — Chew Kagee (Senior Vice President), Samantha Tay (Business Director), Dzeti Mohamed (Media Manager), Christina Wong (Senior Media Planner), Neeraj Gulati (Executive Director), John Woo (Assistant Manager, Content Services) / Pizza Hut Malaysia — Low Kang Moon (Senior General Manager – PHM/PHD Division), Jerry Loo Siew Hong (General Manager, Marketing – PHM/PHD), Yusof Ishak (Manager, Marketing)

General perception was Pizza Hut served only pizzas, but in reality there was an exhaustive menu, offering everything from Pizzas to pastas, starters & soups. Now, who bothers with the menu in their favorite restaurant anyway? With limited budget, our challenge was to get people to read the menu more. 

Pictionary based ‘Draw Something’ was the hottest and most addictive app of the season, with most of the Pizza Hut target audience busy drawing or guessing something on their smartphones. The game involved people seeing drawings, and guessing the implied word or phrase. Media Agency recommended to leverage on this flavor of the season and introduced the menu with the same DNA of ‘Draw Something’, by converting our online banners into a guessing pictionary board. 

Our banners became gaming screens, where the surfers were teased and challenged to guess a phrase based on the sketches on the banner. The drawings were the names of menu items which weren’t normally associated with Pizza Hut. The clues would be drawn in front of them, and they would have to speculate the correct answers. A new challenge was thrown to every user, every time via remarketing. 

Users spent an average of 2.3 minutes playing the banner. Frequency of visits increased by 10% during the campaign period. Sales volume increased by 9%. Our pictionary based media innovation helped Pizza Hut gain more visits than ‘Kopitiams’ for the 1st time ever!