Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2013 | |

What Women Really Want? The Search is Finally Over!

Advertiser: BRAND’s Malaysia
Brand: InnerShine
Creative Agency: Reprise Media
Credits: Reprise Media / Universal McCann — Ullas Sahadevan (Director, Performance Marketing), Wilson Chin (Solutions Architect, Performance Marketing), Mike Hutany (Performance Marketing Specialist), Jonathan Cheong (Sr. Search Manager) / Universal McCann — Chai Yen Yen (Business Director), Mabel Lau (Associate Director), Joey Tan (Media Planner) Cerebos Malaysia Sdn Bhd — Koh Joo Siang (Vice President & General Manager), Carmen Liew (Marketing Manager), Melissa Tan (Senior Product Group Manager)

BRAND’S launched new ‘Inner Shine Ruby Collagen Essence’ to cater to women concerned about ageing. Using the latest in biotechnology, expensive but nourishing ingredients were packaged into a drink. We needed to target a category of women who would buy into the proposition of consuming a drink to prevent ageing. 

Extensive behavioral research showed that women between 30-39 years were most sensitive towards ageing skin, and extremely knowledgable about ingredients and skin sciences. Relatively affluent and educated, they were most likely to try our product, compared to chemical skin treatments. We deployed a unique search strategy to FILTER these women out from the multitude of beauty centric searches happening. We identified ‘5 Need States’ for searches and overlayed it with appropriate keywords and ad copies. 

The 5 Need States; Fine Lines, Loss of Elasticity, Roughness, Uneven Skin Tone & Dryness were married with a plethora of skin sciences keywords that included ingredients that were scientifically known to prevent skin ageing and present in natural or artificial forms. We deployed a 24,776 keyword strategy, with multiple variations of what these knowledgeable women audiences would search, and matched with ad copies that conveyed the benefits of consuming ‘Inner Shine Ruby Collagen Essence’. 

This 1st of it’s kind audience targeting helped target 165% more relevant searches which would have been otherwise overlooked. We intercepted 9 Million specific searches related to advanced skin sciences. We sieved out 12,635 highly targeted women to give BRAND’S new product a try. Sales exceeded 10.3% over estimated projections.