Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2013 | |

The Global Fluid Art Movement makes search visual, not textual

Advertiser: PETRONAS Group
Brand: PETRONAS Lubricants
Creative Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Arachnid
Credits: Chan Yuet Wah (Group Planning Director), Sandeep Joseph (Head of Digital & Innovation), Agnes Yee (Group Planning Director), Ryan Leong (Business Director, Digital Media), Megat Imran (Search Manager), Tan Zhi Vern (Media Manager)

PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI) was celebrating its global centenary. PLI’s campaign, “A Century of Fluid Innovation”, included the co created “Fluid Art Movement”. However, lubricants are low involvement, low glamour. Moreover, we were running the campaign in 20 countries. Hence, the challenge is to drive participation in “Fluid Art Movement”. 

Participants were to submit digital art pieces, created online at website to co create a Global Masterpiece. Most search campaigns use words. But in 20 countries (including Malaysia) that speak different languages, it poses a challenge. We decided to be different – go visual rather than textual. Our focus – using colourful digital art masterpieces and keywords to attract online users, instead of boring words. Using images (works) of “artists” (ordinary consumers) to drive search.

Bloggers, our F1 drivers Schumacher and Rosberg submitted their own Digital Art Masterpieces, highlighting them in blogs, driving content search. Digital banners in arts & painting spaces to drive traffic. Buying keywords in arts, drawings, painting spaces. Presence in specialized Youtube banners and social seedings. Whenever people searched for art related content in Google, Facebook or Youtube, PLI’s user created art and art movement ads appeared. The visuals lured audiences, driving traffic to campaign site. 

Our campaign created a global art movement. We reached over 20 million impressions, and delivered 47,000 clicks across 20 countries. Total 5,015 digital art masterpieces were submitted. Created valuable word of mouth, and the low glamour product of lubricant was buzzing with colours. We had made search visual!