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Heineken Made Social Fans Thristing for More

Advertiser: Guinness Anchor Marketing Sdn Bhd
Brand: Heineken
Creative Agency: Immerse Group Sdn Bhd
Credits: Eileen Chui (Manager, Digital), Edmund Wong (Head of Digital), Jamie Chen (Senior Executive, Digital), Stephanie Chin (Executive, Digital), Vincent Wong (Executive, Digital)

Thirst has built a reputation of the best music festival. However, Heineken brand association was weak. Only half of the attendees were able to recall the brand. Weak association coupled with influx of competitors knocking on party music scene, gave Heineken brand a fading voice. 

Based on insights, the party community are very socially inclined. They use social media to satisfy their thirst for party information. So we designed a social whispering strategy where Heineken narrated all Thirst’s breaking news. 

Heineken partnered with opinion leaders & flooded the social scene with first-hand news. – FIRST to announce artists & event info. – FIRST to release official videos. – ONLY hub to enjoy music playlists. – ONLY hub to download festival guide. To access these exclusive information, consumers have to be a fan of Heineken. With a unified conversation blueprint, Heineken quickly became the spotlight for Thirst news & that implanted brand recall. 

Heineken DOUBLED its brand awareness (unaided 1st mention)! 8 out of 10 attendees were able to recall Heineken. Heineken #Thirst2012 was the top trending tweet. The campaign generated more than 1.2 million conversations. At ZERO cost! Making it the most talked about Heineken event of the year!